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Hello Everyone!!
The GOT7 Team and the BTS Team here in Vingle, we have come together starting a campaing of UNITY between the two fandoms. We are so fortunate to have Aswesome community like Vingle where we all get along so well
and we want to keep it like that and may be spread it every where.
This idea started from seeing some negative comments in other forums between the fandoms. We want to unify and keep the frienship FOREVER!!
so Here in Vingle we are creating a Community for #GOTBANGTAN and we are starting a schedule where both TEAM will collaborate making post to support the community.. EVERYONE IS welcome to join us and support #GOTBANGTAN.
The purpose is to keep the frienship and UNITY between fandoms. There is Zero tolarance for fandom wars here Frienship and Unity is our motor.
we might start this small and little but it could become something big and meaningful and stop some nonesense thats has been going on. Here we will followed our boys example looking at how well they get along.
the schedule start today is simple todays is Mark's and Jimin"s Days and we choose to do stuff Animals.

The schedule is as follows!

Sunday- Yugyeom X Jungkook
Monday- Mark X Jimin
Tuesday - Jackson X RM
Wednesday - JB X Jin
Thursday- Jinyoung X Suga
Friday- Youngjae X Hobi
Saturday - BamBam X Taehyung
dont forget to #GOTBANGTAN in your post if you will join us, like it and add it to your favorites. This way we can start the community.
We dont have a tag list for #GOTBANGTAN but most of our followers will get notifications.. is your choice of course ..
thank you so much on behalf of
GOT7 & BTS Teams



I like it, hopefully this could be something for all fandoms??
this is a great idea!!! count me in!!!!
@luna1171 noice. Ill use it when I can 😁😎
@ShaTin welcome to join us 😊🤗
Aahhh... my 2 favorite groups...
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