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Hi everyone! I decided to share a few of my all time favorite books this week and I hope you enjoy them!

Most are science fiction, and mostly written by Japanese authors. Hope you enjoy!

One of my favorites is actually becoming a TV show (the first episode airs today!!!)

What are your favorite reads?

As for book recommendations, what do you want? If you like historical fiction, try Shogun, by James Clavell Sci fi, what type? Humanist, clasic, golden age or humanist? Same with fantasy, just add romance, urban fantasy and high fantasy You want horror? How about Sword and sorcery a la Howard and Burroughs What about techno thrillers? Name a genre, I'll give you my current favorites
I caught the premiere of that show, the Alienist, yesterday, consider me intrigued, I love historical dramas and fiction, so I will be watching, probably on a streaming service lol
Adam Ewing's Last name is actually pronounced as U-wing with the w mostly silent (the only reason why I know that is because it is actually my last name 😅😅😅)
the sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind series was amazing but the show sucked, wheel of Time by Robert Jordan, anything by Raymond Fiest, for newer series I like dead witch walking from the hollows series and the Scot Harvath secret service series
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I love terry goodkind ive read the entire sword of truth series he is my fav author. I even have a signed book :)
The alienist was a book first? Oh I am reading the crap outta that.