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Hey Vingle FamBam, it's ya Hawaii girl Bonnie. Just an FYI I will slowly be posting again. So be ready. I will be posting Tuesday's about EXO Zhang Yixing a.k.a Lay the healing Unicorn, the China Sheep. I will also be making a slowly come back in posting mood boards for the Khiphop community and other random post for them as well. As well as posting randomly for Up10tion.

so as I make my way back. updating my tag list are so over due. So if you would like to be added to any of the list just comment below. the Vingle Ohana list will be tagged in all post. Well most of it. If you would like to be removed comment below also. or if you wanna be added to a list comment also. If you want help out wit Up10tion also comment. much Mahalo. Aloha
Squad Life [is locked btw. unless u wanna help wit Up10tion]
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Can you add me?
to which list would that be?
Yes! Keep me on your tag list 😊
Keep me doll
add please...exo