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In BTS' concept book for Wings, Jimin wrote at length about his dieting during Blood Sweat and Tears promotions.
He would constantly pass out during dance practice, refused to eat even when the other members gave him food, and lost nearly 15 pounds off his already skinny frame.

He would often go days without any food.

The amount of anorexic idols is so scary, and I hope that they actually consider stopping and getting help - because even though he's being open and talking about doesnt mean he's going to stop and that's so scary.

Jimin, you're perfect.

France passed a law recently that all models there must be diagnosed to be a safe and healthy weight in order to model. Korea should do something similar~~~
Park Jimin, Go out and buy yourself a set of your favorite meat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
someone please feed this poor baby 😔
It's sad to hear about, but I completely understand why they do this. I like @micahsaysnihao's comment. There should be a law in South Korea making sure that idols and models maintain a healthy weight. This way society will see a healthy body and want to reach the goal of having a healthy body rather than a skinny body. Everyone's definition of skinny differs, and unfortunately some people go beyond what is safe to fit society's expectations.
Yes. Idols are put on a pedestal and looked up upon especially be school aged kids. 6th grade girls in SK see how skinny IU is and how pretty she is and want to be like her, but the only way to achieve that "ideal" skinny-ness is via unnatural and unsafe means(aka eating disorders). Idols and actors (and anyone who is should have regulations as to how extreme they can diet.
can someone say when they make these posts that it was in october of 2016! 2 years ago.