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I've been struggling do much but it's about time that I finally say what I've been feeling since last month:
Jonghyun, you did well. You've always done well and you have amazed me once again. Thank you for making the past five years of my life amazing by gifting me and fellow Shawols your talent, your smile, and your kind words. I always said that I wanted to be like you, bringing smiles to the faces of millions just by being there. I wish to achieve that one day but now that you're gone, I feel like I have nowhere left to turn, nowhere to run too. I fight everyday, knowing that tomorrow has to hold something but sadly, we couldn't fight together anymore. I try to comfort myself and simply say that you're in a better place but my self conscious is telling me that you're still writing away, crafting the next masterpiece to give us. Alas, you're final work of art has been delivered but I'm hesitant to reach out for it because I feel like you'll disappear from in front of me. I know you wouldn't want to see us cry, so I'll attempt to dry my tears while clutching on to your final smile, your final laugh, your final word. Despite our sadness, you will always be loved and missed but we know you're are in heaven, smiling down on us while playing your kazoo or out-singing Whitney. Although, I still do not want to accept it, I know that I will only be hurting myself in the long run.
I love you, Jjong.