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Yoongi's POV
The news spread quickly. With little to no surprise some rumors started to surface. But ended as quick as they began. Y/N's father made sure this stayed away from the public's eyes and ears. He got his people to pay the reporters a little 'visit'. They tried to sneak out past the bodyguards but were immediately escorted to Mr.Jong's office. He's not A violent man, violence is usually his last resort. The negotiation must have gone opposite to what they expected. Ultimately breaking their equipment In a fit of rage. That's the last I heard before I left the church. Now here I am, at the bar sulking over my lost love. I held up the empty glass. "One more" I signal the bartender as he slowly removed the glass to fill it with more liquor. "You sure can handle your alcohol, but we have a limit as to how many a customer should get" he looked over at me as he grabbed a rag under the table to dry wet glasses he had. "Don't worry, this is my last one" I said taking a sip of the liquid, burning my throat as it traveled down my esophagus. "Hahaha" he laughed nervously scratching the back of his head, "Umm...yeah.. You said that two drinks ago". I shrugged my shoulders and smiled, as I Unintentionally made him blush and turn away. From the corner of my eyes, I spotted a magazine. A picture of Y/N and I was plastered on the cover. Min Yoongi & Y/N Jong Soon to be Married Future Power couple!! According to every popular magazine, it was going to be the wedding of the century. We were next in line to become the new power couple. Much to everyone's surprise it didn't turn out that way. Everyone that was in there ceremony was left baffled. Looking at the cover only made me miss her more. If only I'd run fast enough. But it seemed nearly impossible. I tried to follow Y/N, it seemed the earth swallowed her from existence. Going to every direction, to find nothing. How could she disappear out of nowhere?. Hours had gone by and no signed of her yet. Automatically I blamed myself. She ran away thanks to me. The guilt killed me, I wanted to get rid or this feeling ripping my inside. So I walked in here thinking a few drinks could make me forget the pain. _________________ I felt someone's eyes on me. To make it less obvious, I took a quick look from my phone screen. Tall guy with pinkish blonde hair. Did I know him?. Have I seen him? Nope don't think so, although I couldn't quite think straight at that moment. He looked at me with rage, was he going to kill me?. Bracing myself for the unexpected, I drank the rest of my liquor thinking maybe I could give a few good hits if things got ugly. "Instead of moping around feeling sorry for yourself ...you should be looking for Y/N." He muttered as he walked beside me to exit the bar. 'He's right...but who is he?'. "Hey you--" I called to him, but as i looked back he had already gone out the door. I got up from my seat. Leaving cash in the counter for the drinks I've had, along with a small note on the napkin. I stepped out, the dim light of the bar looked brighter as I opened the door and walked outside. The day turned to night, 'how long was I in there?'. _______________ After fifteen minutes of mindlessly wandering around, I called. Ring.... Ring... Ring.... Ready to hand up since no one bother to answer. On the last ring, she picked up. "Hey--". I was cut off by her on the other end. "I heard what happened, Where have you been?" She asked worried knowing she would be the first one I'll contact if anything. I Hesitated whether or not to give an answer since that fiasco at the club turned into a mess. "At the bar...had a couple of drink" "You could've at least called, I thought we were best friends " I rolled my eyes as those words simple slipped out of her mouth. Best friends don't ditch your wedding, that's the reason she came back in the first place. "You didn't bother to show up, why...why would I call if you didn't care enough to show up" I answered angry and disappointed. "I tried....I couldn't" I didn't know what to believe at this point. "Well, if you were busy all you had to do was say so." I couldn't allow it to get to me. There were far more important issues to resolve. Hanging up before she said anything else. I had to find her, apologize and fix our relationship. Even though she didn't get to say "I do" she's my wife...only mine. I walked for two more blocks, 'maybe with some lucky I'll find her'. I passed a few stores--nothing. I walked a bit further where I saw two restaurants. I entered the first one on the right. Only a few people were eating and drinking. I could smell the alcohols a distance away. "Have you seen this female around". Showing a picture of Y/N. I asked politely to the guy who was the owner. I got no answer. 'One down, another one to go'. The restaurant to the right was filled with wealthy people. 'Well shit', I entered the restaurant walking through snob nose rich brats, something Y/N and I weren't. "Hello sir, do you have a reservation?" The waiter asked politely as I approached him. "No, I just need to know if you've seen her" I asked showing him the same picture as well to describe her with the wedding dress she had on. "Hmm..no sorry I haven't seen anything" he answered giving me a pitiful look. "Oh okay, thanks anyways" I added bowing to the waiter before I left the restaurant. As I walked back to my house, I felt the temperature drop, it got cold and the wind only Intensified that cold temperature. I was worried for Y/N, she cant be out like this  'you deserve my truth' I thought while I felt the ring between my fingers. I hope you're save somewhere, out or this cold.