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Laid-Back Camp Review

Hello Everyone,

Next review is of Laid-Back Camp. Same rules as before, five areas of critic resulting in more watches or drops.

So, starting off with Character development, I felt as if it's really slow. All major characters are revealed in the first two episodes, and the main character doesn't really grow much by the end of the third episode, if any growth. It feels like the show is taking it's time developing characters, but there isn't much conflict other than the main character just wants to be alone. Hopefully the characters grow more. (1/2 *)

Next we have Fan Service (again not always ecchi, even though that's the most common type. It is defined as any expected material inserted to please the audience). There isn't much other than the secondary character getting three to four lumps on her head when hit by her sister, or her eyes turning full white when something bad happens to her. This is perfect fan service for this anime genre, it's about camping and outdoor activities, so having fan service other than the characters growing lumps out of their heads when hit to apply comedy, which is always funny, is best. Also, the girls act cute too. (One *)

Genre time. Crunchyroll calls it slice-of-life/adventure anime. I camp once or twice a year so I can relate to it being an Adventure. But it doesn't seem like a traditional slice-of-life anime. I see more in depth story when I watch a slice-of-life anime than I do in this one. I still think it fits in a way to the advertised genre, but would also throw comedy into it. (3/4 *)

Story time around the campfire, except the story is, as I said before, very slow. Almost gives off the same feeling as "Restaurant To Another World" since the anime feels like there is no story. Just a girl going camping, runs into another girl, that in turn, becomes inspired to camp more too. Kind of bland, but the story feels like it's building up to where they all camp together. Still looks like it has potential. (1/2 *)

Finally, the best part of this anime, and the reason I'm going to continue watching it, The Artistic Style of it. The backgrounds and nature scenes are absolutely stunning, like they were hand drawn or painted. Some scenes are animated with cgi, but most of it is drawn or painted, and it's so beautiful. The animation on the characters is pretty lack luster though, kind of boring and usual run of the mill animation characters. Yet, it does become bareable since the scenes with nature are so visually appealing. (One *)

And there it is 3 and 3/4 *. Crunchyroll has it at 5/5 and, while I do think it's good, I rated this in what I just binged, so hopefully it gets better with the next episode for character development and story, otherwise it's just going to be a good looking anime forever


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