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Jonghyun Left a Message For His Haters in Lyrics of 'Waffle'

It goes without saying that Jonghyun is a music genius, but his wordplay in his recent track 'Waffle' is just further evidence.

"Waffle" targets malicious comments and baseless rumors that spread online:
Heard he has a nasty personality.  Heard they went crazy and flipped up the place My friend's cousin's sunbae's friend's mother-in-law says she saw it
According to fans, at Jonghyun's last solo concert, the idol explained that he was inspired to write "Waffle" after seeing a hashtag. The hashtag sign '#' resembles the pattern shape inside a waffle. The word 'waffle' also tends to mean, "speak or write, especially at great length, without saying anything important or useful."In Korean, waffle (wa-pul) sounds similar to 악플 (ak-pul) which means malicious comments. 

Overall, the song "Waffle" cleverly disses malicious comments and baseless rumors. In regards to the deep meaning behind "Waffle", netizens commented, "Hashtag, waffle, ak-pul... He's truly a genius. The best. I sincerely admire him", "I hope all the malicious commenters listen to this song. This song gave me goosebumps", "Jonghyun is really amazing. I really hope all the malicious commenters stop", "Wow the lyrics are so amazing... He's really a genius."


Where to get Jonghyun's album:

All the songs were so beautiful. I miss him so much. But I’m glad he’s dissing those nasty commenters. 🤣
Oh my goodness thank you for tagging a link to my card! :) I listened to the album before I fell asleep last night and I absolutely love it. I was smiling and crying at the same time as I was listening to it. The man’s a genius!
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