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Genre: Fluff, Romance, Eventual Smut probably/Light smut
Chapters: 4/?
Summary: Jungkook used to think the whole Butterflies in your Stomach thing was complete and utter bullshit until he met Kim Taehyung.

A/N: I missed my daily dose of VKook.
I haven't written in so long that I nearly forgot how my own story went. Hopefully I haven't lost my touch and you guys didn't forget about me, right?


" Aren't you gonna leave now?" Jeongguk said as if he were eager to get rid of him, but maybe a small part of him was hoping the elder would try to resist in some way.

" Aw, I thought we'd go back and hang out more." Taehyung sighed in disappointment. Jeongguk could have totally gone the whole night hanging out with Taehyung. But his cold personality just simply wouldn't allow it.

" No."

" Fine, you're no fun." Taehyung slouched in defeat before lightly slapping Jeongguk's shoulder. " Bye, Kookie! I'll look forward to playing with you tomorrow!"

Jeongguk flipped him off and he responded by blowing a kiss that almost, probably made Jeongguk's chest tighten a little. Maybe just a teensy tiny bit. Although he rolled his eyes and quickly tried to shoo Taehyung away, maybe he let a small smile slip while watching Taehyung skip away.

But he didn't have to know that.


Nobody's POV

" Jeongguk. Hey. Hey Jeongguk. Kook. Kookie. Jeonggukie. Hey. Hey. Hey Jeongguk. Hey Jeo-"

" WHAT THE HELL IS IT?!" Jeongguk ripped his headphones out of his ears, prepared to rip Taehyung's head off if he called his name one more goddamned time.

" Your fly is down." Jeongguk immediately flushed from annoyance to embarrassment and snapped his gaze down to check.

" You fucking-"

" Ha! You fell for it!" Taehyung pumped his fists up in victory while Jeongguk kept his head down in shame and even more embarrassment.

" I'm going to murder you, Kim Taehyung. "
Jeongguk had his fists clenched and if this were an anime, his eyes would be glowing that creepy red with shit like lightning bolts radiating off of his body before he charges up and sends Taehyung through the wall.

" Wait, wait. It was just to get your attention. And for a little fun, I admit." Taehyung chuckled and damn wasn't he a lucky man today because that wonderful sound had disarmed Jeongguk in less than two seconds.

" And, " Taehyung added, pausing for dramatic effect and fishing around his pocket for something. " For me to get this." He pulled out a piece of paper along with Jeongguk's keys.

" How did you-"

" Nevermind the questions, Kook." Jeongguk's heart stuttered at the nickname but it also glued his mouth shut and forced all of his attention on what Taehyung had to say next.

Jeongguk turned the paper over in his hands. There was an address written on it.

" What's this for?"

" Come to a club with me?" Jeongguk grimaced, clubs were not his thing. Pushing past sweaty, noisy crowds, while deafening music destroyed his eardrums was definitely not something he absolutely had to do before he died.

As if already sensing Jeongguk's answer, Taehyung began pouting and pulling at Jeongguk's sleeve like a little puppy.

" Please, Kookie?" Jeongguk wanted to say yes immediately but he wasn't ready to accept how much excitement Taehyung brought to him with just the littlest things that he did or said.

" And what if I don't?" But I will, Jeongguk thought. He just wanted to tease the guy a little.

" Then you won't get these back. " Taehyung jingled his keys in attempt to get Jeongguk to agree but he just shrugged like it was no big deal.

" I'll just get new ones. " Taehyung pouted instantly and Jeongguk smirked a little at his defeat. But then, Taehyung suddenly smirked mischeviously and stepped closer to Jeongguk.

Jeongguk, who wasn't expecting him to get closer, instinctively stepped back. Taehyung followed him until Jeongguk backed into a wall, sealing any ways of escape for him and his break quickened slightly.

With nowhere to look, Jeongguk was forced to look at Taehyung, who had a devilish look in his eye as he brought his hands up to the wall on either side of Jeongguk's face, ultimately pinning him to the wall.

Taehyung's tongue darted out to wet his lips, Jeongguk's eyes following the action closely before meeting back up with Taehyung's. They were only a few feet from each other but Jeongguk felt like Taehyung's gaze was shooting right through him, taking over, paralyzing him and he just couldn't look away.

Then Taehyung began to lean in and Jeongguk couldn't bring himself to stop him, only squeezing his eyes shut and balling his sweaty hands up tightly until his knuckles turned white and bracing for...For what? Taehyung wasn't going to...certainly not that, right?

He could feel Taehyung getting closer until finally, their noses just barely brushed against each other, sending a shiver down Jeongguk's spine and causing him to shudder. Taehyung's cheek grazed the younger's until his lips pressed against his ear, causing another shudder to take over his body.

" Then, I'll just have to take this too." Taehyung whispered huskily into Jeongguk's ear before pulling back and revealing that Jeongguk's phone had been swiped and was clenched in Taehyung's huge hand along with the keys that he stole earlier as well.

" Surely you'll come for both of these, right? " Taehyung taunted him, waving both of his items mockingly.

Jeongguk was frozen, unable to say or do anything. How could someone just change so quickly? Was this guy even real? Taehyung smirked at his victory again before walking away.

" Be ready by six! I'll be waiting for you, Kookie! " He quickly called back before waving and disappearing around the corner.

Leaving Jeongguk to wonder what the hell he just got himself into.

Ultimately deciding that he simply just couldn't ignore the opportunity to see Taehyung get wasted at a club like a reckless teen, Jeongguk sighed and picked out his outfit.

And he had to admit, he didn't look too bad. The tight black skinny jeans he picked out clung to his thick thighs perfectly, while his shirt was baggy but low cut enough to expose his collarbones just enough to tease.

No keys or phone meant he had to walk, unfortunately. He was surprised he hadn't turned around yet. But that thought was suddenly all too tempting as soon as he stepped foot in the place. He was just about to give in and go home when something bumped into him.

Turns out that something was a someone and that someone turned out to be none other than Kim Taehyung.

" Jeon! You made it!" By the looks of it, Taehyung had already downed a few drinks. Jeongguk turned to actually take in Taehyung's appearance for the first time that night.

And he looked...HOT.

" Like what you see?" Taehyung slurred. Yes he most certainly did like what he saw. Those tight leather pants were doing wonders for Taehyung's surprisingly muscular thighs. And damn did that leather jacket make him look good, slipping slightly off his shoulder to reveal deliciously smooth golden skin. And suddenly Jeongguk finally realized, his hair was fucking purple! And it was mussed to resemble perfectly messy sex hair.

" Not that I'm complaining, but if you keep staring at me then we won't have time to get you a drink."

Taehyung winked. Jeongguk's gaze finally travelled up to make eye contact with Taehyung, finally taking in the look on his face.

His eyes were glazed over, dusted with dark shadow and lined with just the right amount of eyeliner. And Jeongguk never thought too positively about makeup, but damn. Taehyung looked good. And it didn't help that Jeongguk couldn't take his eyes off of his lips. They were wrapped around a thick lollipop, cheeks hollowing out slightly as he sucked on the candy.

" Fuck, Jeon. You look good." Taehyung muttered breathlessly. Jeongguk snapped out of his trance to quickly gather himself.

" Buy me a drink for making me walk all the way over here, you dickwad."

" Oh yeah...I took your shit and you had to walk. Ha!" Taehyung laughed and tugged Jeongguk towards the bar.

No amount of alcohol could distract Jeongguk from Taehyung sucking on that lollipop, though. Noticing his staring, Taehyung smirked and pulled the lollipop out, the candy slick with his saliva.

" Wanna taste?" He brought the lollipop up to Jeongguk's lips, watching as his eyes flickered down at the sudden movement before making his move and pulling Jeongguk down by his neck, crashing their lips together in a heated kiss.

Jeongguk had enough drinks to distract him from the hesitation of pulling back, instead he immediately kissed back and brought his hand up to pull Taehyung closer.

It didn't take long for Taehyung to shove his tongue in the boy's mouth for him to taste, as promised.

The sweetness of the candy mixing in with the bitterness of the alcohol was overwhelming and the heat from Taehyung's hot tongue swirling over Jeongguk's own had him whimpering and tugging at Taehyung's hair, trying to pull him in closer if that was even possible.

Unfortunately, they had to pull away for air eventually. Jeongguk licked his swollen lips, Taehyung grinning at him before tugging him into the crowd. With everyone shoving around in the small space, Taehyung had the perfect excuse to pull Jeongguk close again to grind against him, leaning in and waiting for him to chase his lips before pulling away to tease. The look of frustration and annoyance on Jeongguk's face was all too amusing in their drunken state.

Jeongguk finally got tired of all of the teasing and pulled Taehyung over to properly smash their lips together again, hands attaching to each others' grinding bodies to explore. While trying to get closer, Taehyung ended up pushing Jeongguk into a wall, a whine escaping the boy's lips at the harsh impact. Taking control, Jeongguk switched their positions, slamming Taehyung against the wall and swallowing up his groans and whimpers with his own moans.

" C'mon, let's ah- let's g-go." Taehyung choked out between kisses. " I don't live f-far from h-here."

They stumbled out of the bar and after multiple stops along the way to shove each other against walls to make out more, they made it to Taehyung's place and barely made through the door before Taehyung was shoved against it.

Jeongguk's hands snaking its way under Taehyung's shirt to grace over his smooth skin. Taehyung jumped up to hook his legs around Jeongguk's waist, causing them to stumble back onto the couch.

Taehyung, now on top, continued grinding against Jeongguk's hips and kissing along his jawline to suck marks into his delicate skin.

" Ah- Taehyung- Shit. " Jeongguk's hands grabbed at Taehyung's ass, guiding him into grinding at a better angle.

Then Taehyung suddenly sat up and made eye contact with Jeongguk for a few seconds. Confused, Jeongguk just looked up at him.

" Ha, you totally like me." Taehyung mumbled, grinning widely before he suddenly collapsed on top of Jeongguk.

The complete randomness of the situation sobered Jeongguk up, giving him a chance to actually start realizing just what the fuck was happening. He looked around, panicked and confused.

" Holy shitttt....." He trailed off, looking down at Taehyung. At least they both still had all of their clothes on. Suddenly distracted, Jeongguk found himself staring at Taehyung again. He looked so neutral while he slept, a complete change from how he usually seemed to act around Jeongguk.

It was...cute.

" Ahh...what the fuck." Jeongguk laughed at himself quietly, snapping out of his trance. He carefully pushed Taehyung off and slid off of the couch. Wandering around, he found a blanket to drape over Taehyung and he left a cup of water and some pain killers on the table beside Taehyung because he was such a damn good person.

After making sure everything was cool before he left, Jeongguk grabbed his stuff and closed the door quietly behind him.

A/N: Hey, it’s been a while. I haven’t been posting much because of things that happened a while ago; I didn’t see it as appropriate to post around that time. Since then, I’ve been kind of getting a little bit shameful of what I wrote. Vingle doesn’t seem like a good place to post fanfics anymore. Do you guys think this was a bit too inappropriate to post on Vingle? I was thinking about posting in other places like Archive of Our Own or something like that. But there are some of you who like these stories, right? I’m just getting a little insecure about this. Tell me what you think; do my cards about fanfiction bother any of you? I just feel like I should be posting normal cards? I probably will continue posting on Vingle still, though. I don’t know if I can say the same about future fanfics. The ones I’ve already posted on Vingle will continue on Vingle. I've just suddenly gotten shy, maybe I've been gone too long? Also, I still don't know how to link, if you want to read the other chapters just go to my profile by clicking on my name somewhere and go find it in my collections. I've also started writing/editing on my iPad and phone because I stopped trusting my laptop but it's even harder on an iPad than I wanted it to be so things might be a little off and I apologize for it.
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