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There's nothing official but SM released this video:
There seems to be around 18 of them. I can recognize Taeyong, Ten, Johnny, Doyoung, Jeno, Mark, and Doyoung.
Since there are 18 members in the video that would mean that there are more debuting members since 127 and Dream(including Jaemin) make up 14 members. So I know for sure I seen Ten in the video that makes 15. Plus Kun, Lucas, and Jungwoo? Which would equal 18.
Let's hope they bring Kun and Jungwoo out of the dungeon and bring Ten back from the basement.

Anyone excited as me?

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It would be awesome if they made more sub units. I also hope they bring back Ten. ❤
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Alright it’s a plan!
if they do that would be kinda dumb. more members = less lines.
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@Starbell808 Yeah that’s why I want them to debut. Hansol left because he was promised to debut and didn’t.
i feel like this is a good but bad idea because of lines
I agree. I mean regardless Taeyong and Mark would get the most. But maybe just maybe there will be a miracle? 😂
they killing my babies!