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I dont even know, I was bored. Here's the high school I imagine :)

1. The Dance Team That Acts Tough But Is Actually Really Nice (BTS)
2. Your guy friends, they make great dad jokes (ASTRO)
3. Your girl friends, always laughing~ (Lovelyz)
4. The guys you cant talk to because they make you so nervous :3 (EXO)
5. The older girls that will defend you from anyone :)
6. The girls that run the school (After School)
7. You and your bestie (Lee Hi & Suhyun)
8. The class clowns (IMFACT)
9. the boys from the other school that you low-key dream about

Who would you add?

Friend zoned boys...BTOB. Class clowns. Monsta X
Lowkey? No. Seventeen would be picture on my locker worthy. But exo... Dead on.
Ikon. winner. cn blue. black pink & 24k
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@kpopandkimchi Cn blue the cool band. 24k the punks of the school. And Ikon & Winner the wanna be cool kids but are big dorks.
got7 & monsta X can be the athletic club. big bang would be the crazy fun brothers.
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