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UtaPri Shining Live

also known as Uta no Prince-sama

For those who don't know what this is, its a Rhythem game and a anime show. The Japanese app came out sometime last year in 2017 and as of yesterday the EN of the game just came out yesterday.

Uta no Prince-sama is about a girl name Nanami Haruka and she wants to be a song writer. She decides to attend an idol training school that is filled with the most handsome boys I've ever seen. This school pairs each aspiring songwriter with the students who aspire to be an idol. For Haruka, she finds herself paired with not one but 6 bishounen idols.

Bishounen Idols : Often comes with the Bishie Sparkle. If all the guys are bishōnen without many women to balance them out, you've got yourself a Cast Full of Pretty Boys. Do not confuse with Dude Looks Like a Lady. While someBishonenmay be androgynous enough to look like ladies, not all Dude Looks Like a Lady count asBishonen.

As you guys already know I love Idols

and I'm not talking about "ya i'm interested and i'll support it" no i'm "OMG THEY'RE SO CUTE I LOVE THEIR MUSIC AND HOLY SHIT THE GAME IS OUT I GOTTA PLAY" type of person. I'm not the Tomodachi site for Love Live! School Idol Festival, (Love Live Level : 216). So when I heard this was out I had to get it.

UtaPri Shining Live:
Love Live! School Idol Festival :

Game Play

Compared to Love Live! School Idol Fevestial Its almost the same but different In love live you have 9 notes to tap where here you have 6. (above I show two videos of what I'm talking about) . As well of that, the screens are different which took me a while to figure some things out but I got the hang of it.

Tapping in Love Live: When you hit the notes in Love Live Perfect/Great Give you a combo point Good/Bad/MissLooses your combo point and you start again from 0 (e.i. you got 190 combo and when you hit a Good/Bad/Miss note you got back to 0 combo) and when you get bad/miss you loose some health (like 1-5)
Tapping in UtaPri Shining Live: When you hit notes in UtaPri they have Perfect/Just Perfect/Good/Bad/Miss. When you Hit Perfect/Just Perfect/Good you keep your combo but if you hit Bad/Miss you lose your combo same with your health like love live.

Scouting for Cards

Love Live: You can scout using what we call Love Gems you can do 1 pull for 5 gems and 10+1 scout for 50gems to get yoru cards (R's, SR's, SSR's and UR's)
UtaPri Shining Live: Simular to to love live but different. Instead of scouting 5gems or 50gems. You can solo scout for 30 prisms or do a 10+1 scout for 300 prisms. a lot for what love live does, but this game makes it a little easier to get the prisms then love live does with their Love Gems.

When you first join UtaPri

When you join UtaPri Shining Live, after doing the tutorial and know how the game works, the game gives you a FREE UR Ticket to scout for you best boy and after completing some missions you get 300 prisms and a free solo scouting. If you're not happy with what you got don't worry you can reroll your account as many times you want (it won't save your previous progress so you better save what you want)

I Love UtaPri

I wasn't a big fan of Boy Idol's at first until I saw these lovely boys! the series is cute but I've been waiting for the EN app to come out since I heard about Uta no Prince-sama. I still love Love Live more but Uta Pri takes 1st place as my favorite Boy Idols.

Natsuki Shinomiya

HE'S MY BEST BOY! out of all the members in UtaPri he's my favorite, he loves cute and adorable things (meaning anything smaller than him) and if you know me I LOVE CUTE THINGS! But don't take off his glasses! if you do then prepare to feel the rath of his cocky smart ass self (he's even hotter without his glasses) he knows good music and how to wright it and he's a genious.

Natsuki x Syo

These two are friends and have known each other since they were kids which they also have the same birthday. I SHIP THESE TWO TOGETHER WITH MY FRIEND KELSEY! BUT I CALLED DIBS FIRST ON NATSUKI!

Come join us in UtaPri Shining Live!

Come join me on my journy to Idol Hell!

I would give this game a try if I were you! If you wnat to try to get into Idols and you're not a fan of girl idols then give boy idols a try and make these handsome boys your first pick choice!

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