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On January 25, Taemin won the 'Popular Award' at the '27th Seoul Music Awards'. Unfortunately, the idol was not present at the event to personally accept the trophy. Label sunbae Super Junior's Leeteuk went on stage on behalf of Taemin and stated, "I'm standing here on behalf of SHINee maknae Taemin. I texted Taemin and asked what he wants to say to his fans who gave him the meaningful award, and he responded with a lengthy message. So I'll go ahead and read this for the fans of SHINee and Taemin."

Taemin's message stated, "I'm so grateful to be given the 'Popular Award' at the 'Seoul Music Awards'. Currently, I'm doing well; taking a break, traveling and experiencing new things. I have kept on going and built many memories up til now without any breaks. It was really nice to take the time to look back. I greatly appreciate all the fans who've given me love till this day. Please look forward as I'll be back to show a good side of me soon. Happy New Year and take care of yourself in the cold weather. also Jonghyun hyung, who is looking over me from heaven, sorry and thank you. also to Onew hyung, Key hyung, Minho hyung, Jin hyung thank you"