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With this Barbie Pastry Set, kids will be overridden with cuteness!
It was the year 1959 when the world first got their Barbie, she may have been just a slim girl back then but as the years passed, we got to see a lot of diversity than the earlier swimsuit version. Barbie has now created a lot of series where she is of different body types, skin colors, and nationalities. Not only that, her “You can be anything” series has been a massive hit between the fans. So much, that not only we can find dolls of the series but other merchandise like clothes, toys, make-up, and so many other adorable products that adds into the imagination of the kids right from early on! Taking a very cute product from this “You can be anything” series, I have this Just Play Barbie Such a Sweetie Pastry Set. This extremely Pastry set has a lot of goodies that will make any child feel like a boss of their own kitchen where they can be they can think of being a Baker and prepare food items like cupcakes and cookies. It is a 13-piece set of items that belong in a baker’s kitchen, here are all the things that are in the kit: • Cupcakes (That can be changed into different icings.) • Cupcake pan • A shaker with sprinklers inside it. • Whisker • Cookie (That has a working timer.) • Mixing bowl • Rolling Pin • A bag filled with pastry dough. The piping bag has a cute pink Barbie logo on top of it. • A measuring cup • An egg (That opens up while somebody cracks it.) Now, here are the following features that make this set a steal totally: • The size of the items A lot of items that we see in the kids’ section for the kitchen stuff are kind of small but the things that we receive in this particular Barbie package are of a larger size the length and width of these are quite big which makes it a quality product. • The quality of the products All the products in the set are of very nice plastic they are not at all shops with children above 3 can use them plus they are not heavy but still are durable for a long-time play! • The little mechanisms in some of the products We get a lot of extra things that actually do stuff in comparison to other kitchen playsets which are more about just playing pieces but the cookie in this is set actually makes a sound of “ping”, the same that you get in a real timer for baking. The egg can be cracked and it can be seen from the inside, and you can actually shake the colorful sprinklers in the cute pink shaker! Not only this Pastry set but you can find a lot of other Barbie you can be anything series if you search it on the internet today and find cheap deals on many places like eBay. They have amazing products!
다 쓴 달력으로 페이퍼백 만드는 방법
벌써 2018년의 반이 흘러갔다는 사실을 알고 계시나요...?ㅠㅠ 여러장의 달력을 뜯으며 시간 가는 것을 느끼고 있는 요즘... 뜯어버린 달력, 그냥 버리면 아깝잖아요? 쓰레기통으로 갈뻔한 달력을 페이퍼백으로 만들어봤습니다!ㅎㅎ 1. 달력 뒷면의 아래쪽을 사진에서처럼 조금 접어주세요! 2. 접힌 면에 양면 테이프를 붙여주세요 3. 이제 윗면과 아랫면이 양면 테이프에 딱! 붙도록 맞닿게 접어주세요! 4. 한번 더 아랫면을 접어주세요! (이 부분은 바닥 폭이 될 부분입니다! 크게 접을수록 폭이 넓어져요^_^) 5. 접었던 면을 사진처럼 살짝 펴주세요! 6. 접으면서 생긴 선에 맞춰 사진처럼 폭이될 부분을 아래로 쏙! 넣은 후 다시 접어주세요 7. 반대쪽도 아까처럼 똑~같이 해주시면 됩니다 ㅎㅎ 8. 이제 바닥을 만들 차례입니다! 사진에서처럼 세로로 놓은 후 아래쪽을 접어주세요 9. 그런 다음 선에 맞춰 세모 모양으로 양쪽 다 접어주세요! 10. 이렇게 선이 생겼죠? 11. 접었던 양쪽을 다 펴주세요! 12. 다 편 후, 아랫면을 살짝 접어서 양면 테이프를 붙여주세요! 13. 내용물을 넣고 위쪽도 살짝 접어주면 완성! 생각보다 어렵지 않죠? 물론 다 쓴 달력은 전 부치고 기름종이로 쓰는 것이 제격이긴 하지만.. 이렇게 페이퍼백도 만들 수 있다는 것!기억해뒀다가 달력 뜯을 때 한번 만들어보세요!ㅎㅎ
GCC Wheat Flour Market 2021: Industry Analysis, Price Trends, Growth, Opportunities and Forecast till 2026 - Syndicated Analytics
GCC Wheat Flour Market: Industry Analysis, Market Size, Share, Trends, Application Analysis, Growth and Forecast, 2021-2026” provides a deep and thorough evaluation of the GCC wheat flour market based on its segments including type, end-use, and region. The report tracks the latest industry trends and analyses their overall impact on the market. It also evaluates the market dynamics, which cover the key demand and price indicators, and studies the market on the basis of the SWOT and Porter's Five Forces models. Report Metrics Historical Year: 2015-2020 Base Year: 2020 Forecast Year: 2021-2025 Download a free sample report to get detailed insight about the market: Wheat flour refers to a powder made from grinding wheat that is used for human consumption. It offers numerous health benefits, such as improving metabolism, regulating blood sugar levels, lowering cholesterol levels, controlling obesity, etc. Wheat flour is widely utilized for gluten, a protein that provides elasticity and strength to doughs and adds to the texture of baked products. It can be divided into different subtypes, including soft flour, hard flour, bread flour, cake flour, pastry flour, etc. Note: Our analysts are continuously monitoring the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic on the market. This insightful information is included in the report to improve the efficiency, resilience, and overall performance of businesses. GCC Wheat Flour Market Industry Trends and Drivers: Wheat flour is extensively used as the primary ingredient in numerous bakery and fast food items, such as bread, pasta, noodles, breakfast cereals, etc. Significant growth in the demand for these products on account of increasing levels of globalization and shifting consumer preferences is driving the GCC wheat flour market. Furthermore, this flour is more cost-efficient and easily available than the flour made from other grains, which is also catalyzing the market growth. Additionally, various manufacturers are introducing vitamin-A fortified wheat flour to cater to the nutritional needs of consumers. Besides this, wheat flour is also being utilized for manufacturing bioplastics, paper, shampoos and conditioners, adhesives, etc. This, in turn, is further anticipated to bolster the GCC wheat flour market over the forecasted period. Browse complete report with tables of contents and list of figures & tables: GCC Wheat Flour Market Segmentation: The market is segmented in on the basis of type, end use, and region. Type End use Region North America Europe Asia Pacific Latin America Middle East and Africa Competitive Landscape: The report also provides insights on the competitive landscape of wheat flour with the leading players profiled in the report. Related Reports:  GCC Tobacco Market  GCC PET Bottle Market  GCC Cassava Starch Market  GCC Cassava Processing Market  About us: Syndicated Analytics is a market research firm that offers consulting services and provides comprehensive market intelligence in the form of research reports. Our team, consisting of experienced researchers and analysts from diverse industries, is deeply committed to the quality of the information and insights delivered to the clients which range from small and medium enterprises to Fortune 1000 companies. They are able to achieve this by studying the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the market as well as staying up to date with the current and evolving trends of the industry. Our set of syndicated as well as customized market reports thus help the clients to gain a better view of their competitive landscape, overcome various industry-related challenges and formulate revenue-generating business strategies. Contact Info: Katherine Shields Senior Sales & Marketing Manager 74 State St Albany, New York 12207 United States of America Phone No.: +1-213-316-7435 Email Address: