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Hello Everyone,

It's review time! Same rules apply: five categories for a five star rating. Please feel free to comment on whether or not you agree with my reviews (this one or others), or on what you like or dont like about it. I'm trying to get people to watch more current anime, and get them talking about them. Well without further delay, let us begin.

First up, Genre. Crunchyroll puts this in the category of romance and comedy, and boy is it funny. The main character is the laughing stock of the show for sure. There are other characters that come up and add their own bit of humor to the mix as well, but the main attraction is the main character and the girl that he sits next to in class. The romance is obvious if you've ever seen a romance anime, and the main character can't tell that the girl likes him, as usual. The build up of the romance is slow though, and subtle hints are dropped by the female lead. All-in-all I think it shows potential and will get really good once the main character figures everything out, but so far, he hasn't. (One *)

Next up, Story. This anime pulls out the mini episode strategy kind of like Tsundere Children, except the episodes are a full 24 min. each. In these short stories we have the main two characters story, and then we have the short comedic relief of three girls from the same class doing their own thing (unconnected to the main two characters). That being said, the main story is slow going, we have the main character and the main female character throughout most of the anime. It's mostly about her picking on him because she likes him, but he isn't smart enough to realize it because he just wants to tease her back. This makes it easier for her to tease him even more, creating an endless cycle of teasing and not being able to tease back. I like that the romantic interest of the female character towards the main character is subtle, because then once the main character puts all the hints together he'll start to realize that he actually likes her too. While the story is slow, it shows a lot of potential. (One *)

With that comes Character Development. There's a little bit. being that each episode is actually a series of mini episodes, it's rather hard to see character development grow between the mini episodes. It's present when the main character tries ignoring the girl that's always teasing him (which doesn't last long) since it shows a different part of him, like he's giving up. Also, there's character development whenever the female character drops her subtle hints that she likes the main character, because it shows that she is into him past just her teasing. I hope they show more development between the main two characters, I mean it's a romance after all so there will be development, just how long. (3/4 *)

How about some Animation Style. It looks a bit too cartoon-like for my taste, but I got over that real quick the more I watched. It suites the theme of cute and funny childhood romance. There isn't really much to say about it other than I would have liked it to be a bit better, but it's not the end of the world to me. They're doing something different and that's okay too, I think it's working for them. (3/4 *)

And finally, here comes Fan Service (any material expected to be added into a fictional piece to please the audience). First off they're children so the less ecchi the better in my opinion, which there isn't any that I could tell. The only fan service that exists that's blatantly obvious is the blushing of the main character whenever the the girl teases him into thinking about something he shouldn't be thinking about. I like this and hope they continue with more of it, because it also adds to the comedy of the series. (One *)

And there it is 4 1/2* rating. I will continue watching this because I love romance anime the most, and I hope everyone else watches this too. It's not as good as Tsukigakirei in terms of love is in the air, but it's still cute nonetheless.

See You Next Review!

Bye For Now!

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my thoughts kinda line up with yours on this one: a bit slow, but cute and enjoyable! hope it goes somewhere!
me too, I do enjoy it, but not as much as the next review I'm putting out. After that I'm going to watch the how to keep a mummy and review that.