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The next review is on School Babysitters. Same old-Same old with the rating system. Please let me know what you think in the comments below. And Here We Go!

The Story is about this guy and his little brother moving into a new home and school with a babysitting club, daycare system, for the teacher's children. The main character is forced to become part of this club and watch the children whenever he has break periods between classes, and after school while the teachers are conducting work. The story is easy to understand and makes sense. I'd rather not say the reason why they had to move because it's a real tear jerker, and helps emphasize character development. The story is funny, cute, engaging, relatable (for me anyways), and heartwarming. I want more, and I don't want to wait a week for each episode. (One *)

The Character's are just amazing in how they act with each other, especially the children. The school goers are also conflicted and play their own major roles in this anime too. I love how the children develop into friends and how they start to figure out who they are and what they want. The school kids also show development by changing themselves emotionally when they're around the children, wether or not it was caused by the children. This only shows that there's going to be a lot of conflict and resolutions between the characters in this show and I'm already anticipating some characters more than others. (One *)

Genre wise, Crunchyroll hasn't categorized it at all. I would put it under Comedy for sure, with a bit of Slice-Of-Life elements. This show is just one funny scene after the next, with the Slice-Of-Life style heartwarming scenes intermixed. This anime fits perfectly into those two Genre and if any of you have any other genre that you think this anime would fit into, please comment about it below. (One *)

Next we have Fan Service (I'm defining this word every time to avoid comments on it, it's expected material inserted into a piece of fiction to please the audience). The main Fan Service in this anime is the over-exertion of emotions. Of course this is to be expected with little children which are just cute balls of emotion. This leads to the adorable manga three pupil eyes and the large manga eyes, and a ton of crying, but it's cute crying. And there's a Nose Bleeder in this too, but his nose doesn't bleed for what you'd expect, which makes it all the more hilarious. (One *)

Finally, Artistic Style. It's just traditional animation, nothing we haven't seen before. "If it isn't broken, don't fix it!" This anime doesn't need anything extravagant to add to the show, just showing the animation of the childrens emotions is great on it's own. If the animation was anything but this it would throw off the story, making it harder to get past the beauty or, in some cases, the disgust, of the animation. This anime uses it's artistic style well when showing new places. While it's a well known style, it's still appealing to the eyes and not distracting from the story. (One *)

And there it is 5* to this new simulcast. It's absolutely wonderful if you want a good laugh, love children, and/or like Slice-Of-Life anime. I can't wait for more.

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