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Hi Everyone,

Just finished the first three episodes on this anime. So here comes my take on it. Please feel free to comment on it or ask to be tagged for future reviews. And we're off.

The Story so far is of this Boy who receives a package from his dad, who's currently been away for three months in Egypt. Inside this package is a large coffin/casket which contains...a large mummy, wrong. The mummy is incredibly tiny and irresistibly adorable. Apparently in this anime world, living mummies are ok and somewhat acceptable, there isn't really much detail on how the mummy is alive, the only thing we have to go off of is the fact that the boy's dad has sent him other sentient beings before. I would like to know more about this world and why things are the way they are, but for now I'll just enjoy this cuteness ride with the tiny mummy trying to perform normal human tasks. (One *)

How about the Fan Service (Expected Material used to please the audience). Well, what fan service? Is there any? Is any needed? I only can think of the mummy having hearts and flowers pop out from around it when it's happy, or getting those blue squiggly lines on the head when scared, or the water running down the face when crying. Those are all expected things from and anime with creatures that are portrayed as adorable and cute, so I guess those things could be the fan service of this anime. I think it might be, let me know if you think something else could be fan service. For now I'm going to go ahead and say that it is for this show and leave it at that, cute flowers all around. (One *)

I didn't see any character development in terms of normal getting out of your comfort zone and trying something different. In the first episode when the boy first meets the mummy he's scared of it because of all the previous things his dad has sent him, so he's very cautious at first. Then he starts to realize that this mummy is different, so he changes hit attitude towards the mummy and names it. You could call that just about the only character development in the show (unless you want to count what his sister does with glasses on versus without them on as character development too), but I think this anime will follow suit with How to Train Your Dragon a bit and show more character development towards the middle to end of the anime, after we've learned a bit more about this world and it's creatures. (3/4 *)

Genre is Fantasy and Comedy per Crunchyroll. Well that's for sure, wouldn't really call a living mummy anything other than fantasy. The Humor in this is really funny when the mummy is scared of something or tries to do stuff. It's not laugh your socks off funny, it's more of a that's so cute and adorable funny (there seems to be a lot of cute simulcasts this season). All-In-All I would say this actions of this living mummy are beyond cute and funny, definitely fits the genre. (One *)

Lastly we have the Artistic Style. Again this one is pretty standard stuff, although the mummy looks really good, and moves around very smoothly (animation wise), this show doesn't really deviate from the normal animation style that has been around for a while. The animation is good and gives off a warm feeling like everything is good with this show, as if you don't have to worry about things turning gloomy at any point. Definitely doesn't add or deter anything from the characters, which is good. (One *)

Now for the tally.... 4 3/4 *. I hope this anime does increase with the world lore as well as character development, then this anime will be all the more wonderful for me.

Hope You're Not Tied Up For The Next Review!

Bye For Now!

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hmm I'd say there's character development with the friend (can't remember his name yet), how Mii-kun was all scared is him and he just wanted to mess with him, but then they got more comfortable with each other. Also just Sora learning more about the little guy as he goes could maybe be considered... Looks like some of the other creatures are starting to get introduced next week, so looking forward to that! Can't get enough of this cuteness! 😍
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and yea that's what I'm hoping for as well, the more he learns about the mummy the more character development we'll see.