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its time for me to share with you all my favorite Idols! I won't be naming a lot of them because I still have yet to learn more about other idols so I only will be naming my favorite idols from games/anime that I have watch (even the ones I'm still in progress in) without further adue lets get started!

7. ) Tokyo 7th Sisters - Serizawa Momoka

In this Group my best girl is Serizawa Momoka

Serizawa Momoka is a first year student, she was spoiled when she was a little girl, so she's lazy and selfish (kinda like me). Her all time Favorite phrase is "Ehh..." means she basically indicates oa lack of interest in anything, but on the other hand. She is passionate about anime and she becomes excited when talking about me (so me)

Why she at the bottom?

Because I didn't get to far into the game with very little Japanese I know and there isn't a anime show that I know of so I can't go far much into it when Its hard to understand a language withough sub titles.

6.) 8beat Story! - Mei

In this group my best girl is Mei

She has a robot personality when you think of it her blood type is CP3_CLA, but in all honesty I love her hair, its so colorful with Pink, Blue and White sae with her two differentt color eyes! I also love the Art Style of her cards so detailed and wel put together.

Why is she at the bottom

again like Tokyo 7th Sisters, this game is in japanese and I'm recently starting to get back into it, but with not able to read japanese I don't know what I"m doing most of the time lol

5. PriPara - Boys

PriPara - WITH (Boy)

When it comes to idols I didn't think boys could do as well as girls would but after watching these 3 boys Asahi Mitaka (on the left) Shougo Yumekawa (middle) and Koyoi Takase (on the right) These boys are what made me want to try to get into Boy Idols and I'm glad I started to like more Idols than I've ever had before.

4. PriPara - Yui Yumekawa

PriPara - Yui

In season one I loved her from the begining because I like to day dream like her and like her also like Idols like she does, and yes before you ask she is related to Shougo Yumekawa form WITH what I love about her is that reguardless how people feel with being a idol is a BOY THING she still aims to be a idol reguardless what other things (yes her bother thinks that way too)

Why is it 5th/4th place?

Because I love the art style and the story is really good, so far there isn't a game of it that I know of but I love the colors, the character designs, and its just really cute!

3. Uta no Prince-sama - Natsuki Shinomiya

My best Boy : Natsuki Shinomiya (The tall one in the back )

With UtaPri being my first ever Boy Idol group (to watch and play the game) it has to be hands down Natsuki! If i were to be a boy I SWEAR I'D BE NATSUKI! He loves cute things (which means anything smaller than him) and he loves to cook. Thou when you take off his glasses its another story xD

Why is he higher than the others?

BECAUSE HE'S NATSUKI! Lol He's really the first ever Husbando I've come to love and I cherish him so much that i want to take him home and love him forever

2. Love Live! Sunshine! Ruby and Dia Kurosawa!

2 Best Girls Ruby and Dia Kurosawa!

What I love about Love Live! Sunshine is that when they made the spin off of it they decided to go with sisters in the group (even the side groups) Ruby is the Little sister with the Red hair and Dia is the older sister with the long black ahir (both have the same color eyes)

Why these two? Why two best girls?

At first I loved Ruby before I started to like Dia but I couldn't pick between both of them so I decided instead of one best girl they're both my best girls. Plus they both care for one another and about each others feelings. I love it when sibolings get along and these two are of that reason. Also they wanted to be idols together and would play pretend all the was cute!


1. Love Live! School Idol Festival - Nico Yazawa!


It's no surprise that she's my top idol that i worship on a daily basis. Why do I love her that much? Well she's obsessed with Idols, I'm obsessed with anime and cute things. Also she has 3 little sibolings that she helps take care when her parents are away doing work, also she's what really got me into idols, watching the show and seeing her just made my heart melt! Her desire to be an idol is what makes me cheer her on!

*phone call* Yes? EHH! WHAT NOW! Ok *Hangs up*

My Idols want me to return to Idol Hell at the moment So I have to go for now guys! So who is your favorite Idol, if you don't have one, who is a guy or girl you really love?

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