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Que tal peeps!


The smell of lavender and cedar wood fill my nose as I watch my love throwing wood in the fireplace. I low key laugh to myself praying he does not set the place on fire. Not because he is a dragon but becuase he is accident prone. His hair was dyed blonde thanks to me. I'm good at things like that. He looked so sexy even from behind. His relaxed fitted black jeans and his fitted gray and black stripped long sleeve shirt. I'm licking my lips unconsciously. He was delicious. I find my mind thinking of all the stuff I wanted to do to him. I hear his voice in the background of my thoughts. The fire is still low....fuck it I will just use my powers. Namjoon points his middle and index finger at the fire using his fire powers to cause the fire to get bigger. "Whoa buddy that's enough." I say will leaving my thoughts of desire. Namjoon sat down next to me and pulled me into his arms. He smelled so good as I inhale his amber scent. I make a low purr and he smiles. "You tiger breed...are so easy to read." Namjoon chuckles. "I love you so much." I say while giving him a kiss. He pulls me closer and gives me a deeper kiss. I suck deeply on his bottom lip. He pauses to tease me. I crawl on his lap. "I want more." Namjoon continues to kiss deeply while exploring my mouth with his tongue. His mouth tasting like hot chocolate that we just had. He pulls off my blush sweater. I'm braless and he quickly rubs my breasts while sucking on my tongue and flicking my tongue ring. I gasp and he moves to my neck kissing and sucking my neck. He pulls my right nipple and begins sucking on my right. I throw my head back and hiss. He grins as he sucks on the left nipple. I pull off hos shirt and begin kissing his warm beige skin. He hisses as a kiss and suck his chest while rubbing him through his jeans. He grabs my face and pulls me into a long intense kiss. Namjoon runs his hands down my leggings and begin rubbing my clit with his thumb. I moan and close my eyes. "No baby look at me. I wanna see that sexy face." He says in a deep tone. I look him right in his rich brown eyes as he slides is index finger in side me and adds his middle finger. I moan loudly while he looks me right in my eyes. "You are so fucking wet baby. You wet for your Oppa?" He groans. I bite my bottom lip and nod yes while whimpering. He grins and begins sucking on my neck while curving his fingers and grazing my g spot. "Oppa please...Imma cum baby..." I moan. "No you gonna cum on my dick or else." He says while stopping. He sucks on his wet fingers and moans. "You taste so good...." Namjoon moans. I blush and get on my knees and unzip his pants. He was dripping with precum. I lick his tip and he whins. I push him slowly in my mouth. I love his face. I began pushing him to the back of my mouth and taking him deep. He pulls my hair and watch me while bitting on his bottom lip. "Ah baby you gonna kill me." He moans. He pulls away and pushes me on the fur rug infront of the fire. I laugh while falling on my back. He grabs my legs and slowly slides inside me making me scream. He wastes no time. He pulls my legs behid my head and pumps drep into me wjile rubbing my nub. I'm moaning wildly and he is groaning cuss words. He brown eyes turn red. "You feel so fucking good baby. You love it don't you?" He groans. "Yass oppa I love it. Baby." He kisses me as I wrap my legs around him while continues to pund me. Then he puts me in all four. I'm super excited sense this is favorite position. He his digging so deep I feel him in my stomach. I'm dripping on the rug. I'm screaming his name and he's talking dirty to me in Konlish. He pulls me up on my knees while pounding me from behind. "Cum on oppa's dick baby." He moans. I could feel my legs shake and a fire rippled inside as a screamed loudly in pleasure. I could feel him explode inside me then a felt a sharp burning pain on my side and down my thigh. Namjoon and I collapsed on the floor. Namjoon and I were waking up. The sunshine came through the cabin. I walked in the bathroom naked. Namjoon and I was at it all night. I was sore but so happy. I began running water. I faded into deep thought. I wish this curse didn't exist. 6 years ago some jealous bitch placed a curse on Namjoon. Whosoever he truly the relationship would not last if others knew about it. Five years ago we announced we were dating and it didn't last. This curse would cause all the love Namjoon had for this individual to turn to hate. I was there when the bitch cursed him. It was after he broke up with her. She was insane, so he called it off. She thought he was cheating with me so she placed a curse on him. So after the last episode when we broke up 5 years ago. We have been dating in secret for 3 years. I look in the mirror to see my huge dragon tattoo has red roses and down my spin was Namjoon family name in Korean characters. I scream and Namjoon rushed into the bathroom. "Baby are you okay?" He said. "What the fuck is this?" I say. Namjoon runs his hands through his bed hair. "Shit..." "Namjoon is thid another curse?! Let me call the Chef I know he would know." I say in panic. Namjoonom grabbed me. "Baby I made you my mate last night. Did my eyes turn red? Did you feel a burning sensation?" "Yeah but I just thought it was because you were so amazing." "Ha thanks but no....shit shit. The curse. If anyone knows....I will kill myself before I hurt you again." Namjoon says. "Look I can cover this up. No one or no stupid curse will keep us away. But yhe red flowers?" "That's my family's flower. When a dragon maked a female his mate it is by instinct and she is branded with the male's family flower and name so all other dragons know who you belong to." Namjoon explains. I leave a day before Namjoon to travel home so no on would think we have veen together. I walk into my apartment which I share with Jin, Jimin, and Yoongi. Hobi and Jungkook lived with V and Namjoon across the hall. We all were in this clan called the Supreme Yong clan. We regulated all affairs natural and supernatural.

I slowly walk into my room and remember Namjoon's every touch on me, inside me. He tasted and smelled so good. I lock my door and pull out one of his shirts. I sniff his shirt and began to get so hot. I want you now..... I think deeply. Suddenly I could hear his voice in my mind. Stop calling me baby....not now... What?! Why I can hear you and you can hear me in my head?! I think all spooked out. We are mates we can hear each other's thoughts baby. He says. Then his presence faded away. I fall asleep for a while when suddenly I hear a loud knock in my door. "Little girl dinner is ready." Yoongi says in an annoyed voice. I peek outside my door after hiding Namjoon's shirt. I walk out and greet everyone. "Wow I would have missed you if Yoongi didn't tell me you were here. How was the conference?" Jin asked. "Oh I apologize I should have said something. It was know boring like always." I push out a laugh. "Yeah those idots can take all day to talk about nothing." Yoongi says. "Well we have to be in order. We will be next in power. They don't call us the New Generation for nothing." Jin said while sitting down and Jimin joined. "Oh the others are joining us for dinner." Jin added. Yoongi rolled his eyes while Jimin and I laughed. Hobi, Jungkook, V, and Namjoon walked in laughing. Namjoon and I caught each other's eyes and I quickly looked away. "Can yall shut up for once?" Yoongi blurts