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I decided it was time to update my tag list...

Here are a few groups I can tag people in.

Master Tag List

This is for everything, even things that arent kpop related. (thats rare for me but there might be a few)

BTS Tag List

Obviously I do alot of BTS posts because Im trash for them,.

GOT7 Tag List

I do tiny amounts of posts

EXO Tag List

another group I post little to

Fan Fiction Reviews

This is the new thing I started. I read fanfics then do a review...trying not to give away any ending.

Fan Fictions

I have several fan fics I am writing. Usually i tag which ever tag list the story is about. (Again mostly BTS) But if there is someone who is in one of the other tag lists and doesnt want to be in the fan fics let me know. I will trying to keep things organized. Also I do have several stories with @Sweetduella so if you are interested in those storys she will tag you as well.


Master tag list


Overdose Mod and Mod Squad

Exo Tag:



tag I'm me in everything
Please tag me for BTS, Ffreviews & FF in case I EVER have time to read anything that takes more than 5 minutes! 😂👍😂😫😐
Pls tag me in BTS, EXO, GOT7
Can you keep me in the master tag list and tag me in BTS and the fanfics please?
keep me for all
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