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This week I'll be talking about my favorite and least favorite eras!

Favorite: Cherry Bomb
Reasoning: He just looked so good. I mean they all did, but still.

Least Favorite: Limitless
Reasoning: His chin. I don't know if it was his decision or SM's, but I personally think it doesn't suit him. I mean he can get all the fillers/plastic surgery he wants, its his face, but I just think he looks better with his normal chin.

Favorite: Dream in a Dream
Reasoning: I mean I only have two eras to choose from hahaha but honestly he killed this. He looked so handsome.

Least Favorite: The 7th Sense
Reasoning: Not only I, but even Ten himself, hated his hair. I don't know what they were going for tbh. It reminds me of Jackson's hair in Stop Stop It

Favorite: We Young
Reasoning: He looks so good as a blonde. Plus he's just getting more and more handsome the older he gets. I feel like a proud mom hahaha

Least Favorite: none tbh he looks good in all eras

What are your favorites and least favorite eras?

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I agree with you about them. I also didn't care for Ten's style when he debuted, even though he still was handsome in a different way 😁