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Hello ARMY fam.

Anthony here with a big update.
Sorry this is long...

I'm afraid my personal life and career need my full attention right now, so I have to step down from the Bangtan's ARMY Team. However, I am hoping to still be able to post every now and then. Just not as a part of the team.

I'm very sad to not be a part of this amazing team anymore. I love you all ♡ And a shout out to the team @MelissaGarza @Changkyunie @Addixtion @YulaGyeom @SkyBlast @PolarStarr @IsoldaPazo
I love you all ;w; Thank you all for such an amazing experience ♡

And a special thanks to the amazing leader of our team, @PolarStarr !Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity Violet !

To all my followers and fellow ARMY out there, thank you for everything. I love you all ♡♡♡

Anthony ♡♡♡
As a bonus:
Have a spam of our gorgeous guys :















◂◅⌊Warning's Taglist⌉▻▸

◂◅⌊Bangtan's ARMY Team⌉▻▸

◂◅⌊Bangtan's ARMY Team Taglist⌉▻▸

My last time using this one ;w;

⌊N⌉ @nykechun
⌊W⌉ @warning
I'll miss seeing you post Anthony 😭 *sweating through eyes* You'll always be like a big brother to me-- *still waiting for you to adopt me lowkey*
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Aww you guys... 😢 you'll always be like my little sisters. And I'm still working on the adoption for both of you 😂 @Addixtion @SkyBlast
You do you and I wish you the best of luck
Thanks fam 💙
I'm sorry to hear about that, I wish you luck and good vibes your way! Hope to see you soon!
Thank you 💙
Love you fam! ♡ Take care dont stress too much and if you ever need you talk you can always message me on Kakao. I'm looking forward to your future posts. Thank you for being such an amazing part of our team 💙☺️
Thank you so much ♡ same goes for you!
I didn't know you long but still love you. I hope everything works out. Stay in touch with us 🤗
Thank you! And I definitely will stay in touch! ♡
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