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This week I'm going to be talking about my favorite and least favorite eras.

Favorite: 1004 Angel
Reasoning: He looked amazing and got to show off his acting skills which honestly, left me breathless the first time I watched it.

Least Favorite: Honeymoon
Reasoning: I think the mullet speaks for itself.

Favorite Era: Hands Up
Reasoning: Dark clothes, blonde hair, and lip ring. All my biggest weaknesses when it comes to this man. Not to mention his strong gaze.

Least Favorite: Hurricane

Reasoning: I think it's just his haircut and the cringey clothes tbh

Favorite: Young Wild & Free

Reasoning: He looks so good with black hair and I love his makeup.

Least Favorite: a tie between No Mercy, Feel So Good, and Wake Me Up
Reasoning: All because I can't stand these hairstyles.

What are your favorite and least favorite eras?

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I agree about Himchan. I liked Zelo.with the pink hair.
Could you add me to the tag list? I agree with himchan least but for favorite I have to say wake me up. For daehyun I agree. But for zelo I would say my least is hurricane his hair reminded me of a sheep
Oh that’s true! He’s had so many bad ones tbh. Including the ramen hair. I forgot a lot of them. But sure thing!
Its hard to say least favorite, they all look so handsome in Skydive, but Yongguk because he wasn't in that one
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@MaeLyn Oh ok, thanks for telling me. I knew he was resting but thought he wasn't in mv either. I get confused sometimes
Yeah man, me least favorite is Honeymoon. That Mullet phase was... 😖 My most favorite is Skydive. Still shook by that MV