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Hi there, everyone! So, as I am sure you all have come to see, the got7 and bts teams have come together to start posting for each members on their specific days! Which I am super super excited for because it means I get to represent Youngjae as well, which is something I am super excited to be doing!!! Youngjae and JB are both tied for my biases in got7, and man I'm just super pumped because that's the same situation as Hobi and Yoongi! Yes, I know I'm a dork!

So, the theme for GOTBANGTAN this week is our members with stuffed animals! Get ready for some cuteness! I also just realized that this means that the two sunshines of each group are together and oh my gosh that's so cute to me!!
Yes, I know Youngjae isn't actually holding anything in this photo ^ but there is a Squirtle around and I just thought that he looked absolutely precious in this photo!

I hope that everyone that sees this card enjoys and finds both these boys just as cute as I do!~