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Wazz poppin everyone! It's your girl Waluigi. It's Saturday and that still counts as this week so I'm finally posting chapter 2 of Dating a Beat Boxer, like I said I would do. I actaully ended up rewriting the first chapter, I was gonna redo and keep it the way it was but I made a lot of changes. I will link that card below and all my new Jimbos can read that before chapter 2. Again there's words in this chapter, some of the language is more advanced? I guess I would say but don't worry there is no smut of any kind in this fanfic I REPEAT NO SMUT in this fanfic. If I ever do make a fanfic with smut though I won't post it on here..I might not post it anywhere. I'm only writing cute stuff here lol

Now we can get to the fun part, chapter 2 of Dating a Beatboxer. I hope you enjoy.

"So," Dawn began, "who's the guy and are his friends cute?" We barely got to art class before the bell rang and the teacher just went over the lesson. Dawn and Caitlyn and I sit in the back of the second half of the art room. The school's huge so the art room is split into 2 sides. There's no assigned seating but all the girls sit in the back half while the boys sit in the front. Of couse there's always some girls that sit on the boys side. That's where Ms. Bitch and her friends sit. I don't mind because they aren't one my side but I feel bad for some of the guys especially Kristen's boyfriend. He has to sit at the same table as Ms. Bitch and Skittle because Kristen has to. I honestly don't know how Kristen found a guy like him, he's not only the captian of the football team but his artistic skills are incredible, better than mine. Not to mention his good looks and amazing voice, him and Kristen are both in choir and they have the best voices in the whole school. On top of all that he only looks at Kristen, he's extremely loyal and loves to brag about her to the rest of the football team. He's like the dream guy, everyone loves him, he's nice to everyone, him and Kristen are like the power couple of the school it's crazy. But like all people he has a dark side. Hes quite mysterious and scary sometimes. I mean he's kind like Kristen and has a beautiful smile like Kristen but his whole face can change when someone tries to flirt with Kristen. He protects her with his life and he's not afraid to threaten anyone who tries to hurt Kristen. He's the kind of person you actually don't want on his bad side. I wish more guys were like him though, the love they have for each other is coupe goals. Kristen is so lucky to have him and..well I'm sure you get it.

"Earth to Willow, come in Willow" I blink and turn back to Dawn.
"I swear I'm not in love" I said a bit louder than I wanted to. Knowing that some eyes were on me I lower my head.
"Hunny, I asked who those guys were." She tilts her head at me and smiles. "You are in love aren't you." she said as if it were a fact.
"No, I'm not. I don't know who those guys were but they ran into me and I fell against my locker that's all." I dip my paintbrush in the glass of water that was on my desk and swirled it around in the water.
"I don't know much about love and all that stuff but Willow, if you're not in love why is your paper covered in tiny hearts?" Caitlyn spoke up. I let go of my brush and look down at my work. 'Great,' I think to myself 'I don't need this.' I half crumple the paper and throw it in the recyling bin behind me.
"I'm tired that's all. Besides even if I was in love that wouldn't matter, no one wants to date me anyway I mean look at me. I'm fat and ugly."
"You're not fat," Dawn says, "you're just..squishy." I glare at Dawn.
"Thanks." I say sarcastically. I got up from my desk and walked to the first half of the art room towards the paper dispenser. I pushed the button but the paper wouldn't come out. 'Is it stuck?' I thought to myself. I pressed the button again. Still nothing. I gently shake the machine. 'I hate this thing, not only is it stupid but it's on the boys side of the room. Why can't there be one on the girls side. It's already broken because of that fight that happened between Mark and Johnny last month and the teacher won't buy a new one. I swear those guys are hot but they're idiots..and annoying.'
"Do you need some help?" I turn around and Kristen is standing behind me. 'This is my chance to talk to her alone'
"No," I say, "I got it but thanks." I smile at her. She smiles back. 'Wow you're an idiot Willow, not only did you reject help from your crush but you're also talking to yourself plus you're making a scene.' I can hear the whispers from the boy's half.

"Do you need help?" I hear again. I'm about to say no but then I hear another voice.
"No thanks, I got it." I recognize that second voice but I try to ignore it. Unfortunately I find myself turning my head slowly. Just as I thought. Mark and Johnny mocking me. I turn back towards the paper dispenser and try to ignore their obnoxious laughter. If it wasn't for my ugliness I would've round house kicked them in their faces. Although I don't know what my ugliness has to do with it. I'm sure I've made a fool out of myself by now but I'm not returning to my desk without paper. Why did I even come over here, to ignore the fact that I probably am in love? I whack the side of the paper dispenser and curse under my breath. The rooms goes silent. Then there's a few giggles and by the time my face is beat red the art room explodes. (Just kidding lol) The art room returns to the random noises of pens and paper and scribbling and talking.
"Do you need some help?" 'Not this time' I think to myself.
"Mark I swear to-" as I turn my head to the right I'm face to face with the most gorgeous man I've ever seen. 'Where the hell did he come from? I must be imagining things. I never heard a door shut or footsteps and now this gorgeous piece of meat is standing right next to me.' I feel my face get hot. He asks again stepping closer to me. I clear my throat. "Uh..y-yeah, that'd be great thanks." I clear my throat again and step to the side. I watch as he stares at the dispenser for a bit. "Yeah I hate that thing, it's totally broken." He presses the same button that I did and waits. 'Maybe he didn't hear me' "I pressed that button and even gave it a good whack an-" WHACK! I jump as his head (just kidding) , his hand hit the top of the dispenser. With my heart in my throat and the whole room silent I watch as paper actually starts coming out of the machine. I curse under my breath again. 1-2-3, he takes the papers out and hands them to me.
"You just have to hit it in the right spot." he smiles and suddenly my brain decides to play the no filter game. I blush like crazy as he smiles at me. I smile back.
"T-thanks." I say.

"Mr. Jeon!" I jumped once again and turn to the front of the room. The teachers eyes are in my direction. 'Who's Mr. Jeon?' I think to myself. 'She's not talking to me is she?' "15 minutes late? That's not acceptable." 'That's definitely not me. Is it the guy that helped me?' He bows towards the teacher.
"My apologies," he begins. 'Oh, Mr. Jeon, not Ms. Park' I think to myself mentally facepalming. "I was in the principal's office." I look around the classroom as the attention is no longer on me.
"You spend a lot of time in the principal's office Mr. Jeon. I hope you aren't actually skipping."
"No I jus-"
"Please take you seat and work on something Mr. Jeon." The teacher sits back down and the rest of the class goes back to what they were doing. He turns to me again, I say thank you and he heads over to the other side of the boy's half. As I head back to my seat I wonder how I've never seen this Mr. Jeon before or the group of boys in the hallway for that matter. They can't be new but I didn't see them last year or the year before. I shrug it off and sit back at my desk.
"I'm not in love." I say to Dawn again. She looks up at me. I turn to Caitlyn who's on her phone.
"I'm done talking about that cause I wanna know if that Mr. Jeon was the mystery hallway boy." Dawn raises her eyebrows at me.
"You had to give him a nickname didn't you?" I sigh and dip my brush in the glass again and swirl it around. "To answer your question, no I have no clue who that guy is. I've never seen him before but he can't be new if he spends a lot of time in the principal's office." I dip my brush in the pink paint and squiggle all over my paper.
"He told you that when you were over there?" Dawn asks.
"Then what were you guys talking about over there. You were over there for a long time for not knowing anything about him." I glare at Dawn.
"The paper dispenser is a bitch and he helped me get it unstuck that's all. I know nothing about him, he isn't the same guy from the hallway and for the last time I am not in love." I say a little quieter.

"Hmm, what do you think Tzuyu?" Dawn says. I sigh again and turn to Tzuyu the girl who sits at our table. I honestly don't know why she always sits with us when there's plenty of other girls who aren't weird to sit with. Maybe she feels like she fits in more with us than the other kids in the class. I mean, it's like a mini cafeteria in here with the popular girls, the pretty girls which surprisingly are not in the same group, the math nerds who turn equations into art , don't ask my how they do it because I have no clue, the hot guys, the cool kids and the outcasts. I will never understand why it's like that we're all art geeks but it seems no matter what classroom you're in everyone is always split up into groups. Oddly enough this Mr. Jeon is sitting with the outcasts. Why doesn't he sit with the cool kids? Why doesn't Tzuyu with the math nerds? I mean, she loves math and she always wears those wide-rimmed glasses that look so cute on her and her hair is always in pigtails, she'd fit right in. Instead she sits with us. Maybe it's because like us she feels she doesn't fit in anywhere else? Well, I'm glad she sits with us she's so sweet.
"I don't know a lot about love but you seem to be doing some of the things people do when they're in love; blushing a lot, fast heart rate, sweaty palms, you speak fast.."
"My heart is beating norm-"
"Naw fam I can hear it." Tzuyu inturupts me.
"Well, my palms are not sweaty."
"Yes they are. You keep rubbing them on your shirt." She smiles at me. I look down and I'm rubbing my hands on my shirt and pant legs. I look up at her and sigh. She giggles and goes back to her work.
"That doesn't mean anything." I say. I look at Dawn and she gives me a funny look. "Can we please talk about something else?"
"Fine," Dawn says. "let's go back to why you think no one would date you." I roll my eyes and continue squiggling on my paper. "Listen, just because you make strange noises-"
"So you admit they're strange." I inturupt
" because you have..a wide variety of ticks and sounds doesn't mean you can't find love."
"Can we please not bring my turrets into this, you know that's one of the reasons I get what fun of."
"Name one person who's makes fun of you, only me Caitlyn and Tzuyu know what you have"
"Kelsey literally treat me like a dog. She thinks she can train it out of me and she knows I can't control it, I've told her that so many times and even when I think I'm doing good I end up making a noise and she makes me apoligize for it. During first period she caught me slapping my leg and she thought I was having a seizure. If she's the only one that sees it then that's a miracle. I don't need the whole school knowing and making fun of me."
"Paper dispenser boy seems to have an interest in you."
"Ok 1, he has a name. I don't know it but he has one and 2, I wasn't making any sounds when I was over there."
"I wasn't talking about that I'm talking about right now. He's looking at you and I've never seen as much fire in a person's eyes as he has looking at you right now." Dawn says.
"Excuse me?" I say. I look up over the low wall dividing the class and what do you know the paper dispenser boy is staring at me. He smiles at me again. 'Screw you for being so gorgeous dammit!' I think to myself. I look back at Dawn. "That's not fire in his eyes, he's just being nice."
"Hunny, not to pull a Ms. Bitch but no guy is nice to you. He likes you." Dawn says.
"Hey remember Sehun? He was nice to me." I speak up.
"He was only nice to you because he wanted in your pants." Caitlyn cuts in.
"What? We were in the third grade." I give Caitlyn a disgusted look.
"But his mind wasn't" Dawn says.
"Oh my God, you guys are gross."
"It's true," Dawn continues, "Sehun started early, he wasn't being nice, that boy was thirsty."
"You know what, I don't want to talk about this anymore. I've already had a sucky day and it's still morning. I don't need to be in anymore trouble and be anymore embarassed. This conversation is over." I dip my brush in the water again then proceed to cover my paper in black paint.

Ten minutes pass and I'm in the zone when the teacher comes by. Out of the corner of my eye I see her digging in the recycling bin. I think nothing of it since she does it all the time. One of her rules is never throw your art away because "it can be turned into a masterpiece with a little more love" but this time she's unfolding it and staring at it. I happen to look at her which was a big mistake. She's clears her throat.
"Class, you know the rules. I highly encourage you to keep your art and keep working at it til it turns into something truly wonderful and worth sharing." I chuckle to myself, my art is definelty not worth sharing. "Notice the emotion in this persons' art, it tell a story. That's the beauty of art, it says this person is in love but doesn't want to show it." I laugh quietly to myself, that's definelty not what that means. "You know sometimes our art can reflect so many things about us and we don't even know it." She smiles at me and puts the paper back on my desk. Then she continues walking around the room. I stop laughing and stare at the paper she put on my desk. I feel my face get hot again. 'Great, what could be worse then this?' I think to myself. I look up and the paper dispenser boy is staring out me. 'shit' I mumble under my breath. 'Why is he staring at me like that?'

The rest of class goes by very slowly but finally the bell rings and I rush to the other side of the room leaving both papers on my desk, Dawn Caityln and Tyuzu catching up to me. I take a look behind me to see if that boy is still in his seat but he's over by my desk looking at my papers. Dawn gently pushes me out the door and we make our way to science.

That's the end of chapter two. I hope you enjoyed it. It took me like all day to type up but it's finished. I know it was long but the next few chapters hopefully will be shorter. I actually just made a skeleton for the rest of the fanfic and I think it's pretty good. I wasn't aware that I made a reference to that new BTS text game until I was typing this chapter up. I had a draft on my phone form months ago and I just now realized that I kinda made that reference. I didn't mean too though lol

In the next chapter I will be explaining a lot of thing that I said I was gonna do in this chapter. I'll be revealing who Kristen's boyfriend is in the next chapter so that's exciting. I actaully had him figured out since the begining but I thought maybe as the story progressed I would change my mind but I didn't. Also I decided to do each chapter based on each period for the first couple of chapters and then it will fast forward. I will reveal the group of boys that were in the hallway in that chapter but that's a ways away.

I'm also thinking about putting up that fanfic I made a long time ago with N. It's short so I might make it longer and then post it. Maybe next week if I don't drown in more cards. I've been doing really good at staying on top of cards though, except for yesterday I didn't read any cards so I did them all today. I'm really trying. Anyway I'm excited for this fanfic but I would like you guys to let me know what you think. I'm not experienced in fanfic writing so tips and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Like I need help writing fanfics please help

Anyway thank you for reading chapter two and I will work on chapter three next week. I really will

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