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Since we spend the entire morning and afternoon conversing, it was about time we picked up the mess.
By the time we cleaned up this morning's meal, we both looked exhausted.

"Would you like to watch a movie?" Jin suggested as he wiped the surface of the table with a white rag.

I looked back at him, placing the dirty plates on the sink for me to wash. "Sure, why not", I nodded with a smile.

It's been so long since I've seen any type of movie.
I've been busy with my disaster of a wedding to actually spend a day for myself, without having to worry about any details of the wedding. ' how foolish of me...to believe..'

"Cheer up pretty face...", Feeling a nudge on my shoulder.

'Huh?' I spoke as my thoughts were cut short. Finishing to wash the last plate, I dried my hands on the oversize shirt I had on.

Jin guided me to his living room. It looked cozy, as cozy as it would get with a guys decor of course.

Taking a seat on the couch, in from of the tv the size of a pool table, 'wow'. Even though I had everything a tv was never one of them.

"Take your pick while I make us some popcorn", he winked. Handing over the remote control to me, before walking back to the kitchen.

Mesmerized by his looks I couldn't quiet keep my eyes off him...specially those puffy lips of his. 'Ugh I'm such an idiot'. He must have noticed this entire time.

Mentally facepalming myself, I got up from my comfortable position. Sitting up to cross my legs on the comfy couch, I sighed scrolling through countless of movies.


"Find anything worth watching?" He asked.

"Nope." I answered.

I could hear him laughing from across the room. 'cute.... He's a keeper'.

"Got one" I said loud enough for him to hear.
Our eyes were glued to the screen watching as the characters in the film got into a car accident.

I reached for some popcorn unaware he did the same.

"Oh..ah sorry" we both said, Laughing it off as both our cheeks were turning crimson red from embarrassment.

Once the laughter died down we were in complete silence, the movie still playing only as background noise.

Those eyes, a shade of brown not too dark or light. Once again my gaze diverted to those lips, his did just the same I could feel it as we slowly leaned closer to each other.


Breaking the close contact, I reached for my phone out of habit, forgetting what my mother had done to it.

I turned back only to notice he got up, walked to the kitchen to answer the call.

How could I?...I almost...we almost...no, I almost. Frustrated from the kiss that almost happened, I wrapped myself like a burrito in the blanket jin had given me.

Hoping by some miracle I would die to avoid yet another embarrassing moment with a handsome guy.

I tried to calm myself, the movie was no longer of interest to me but I kept watching. Although he was far I was still able to hear his conversation over the movie playing.

The other person on the phone. 'Is that Namjoon?'..it had to be. His voice is one I've grown accustomed to for a long time now.

My senses spiked, realizing the strange connection. How did Jin know Namjoon?...is he going to out me at this moment? ....is Namjoon already on his way?.

All these questions only made me a bit paranoid, I'm not going back home. No, I can't go back to a place I never felt at home in. I bit my bottom lip, trying to make myself small inside the blanket.

"Sorry...I had to take that...it was important business" trying to come up with a lie, but I wasn't up for any cat and mouse games. Removing the blanket which served as my protective barrier.

"You know him dont you....you know Namjoon". Getting straight to the point. I took off the blanket completely, putting it off to the side, waiting for an answered which didn't took long at all.

"Yea, he's your bodyguard and is looking for you..right?" He squinted and pointed at me as he tried to play dumb. Yet I still answered. "Yea...him, the one you were just speaking to"

I stood up, as he let his body drop to the couch. "If you're worried that I told him about you...I didn't, we made a promise didn't we?" He smiled, resting his head on his right hand.

He patted the couch for me to sit. Complying without much thought, I sat back down. Don't get me wrong, I still had some difficulty trusting a complete stranger, but he's proving himself. 'I should give him a chance'.


Namjoon's POV

Her suitcase was left a mess on the floor 'when will you learn Y/N'. I caught myself smiling as I picked up every piece of fabric.

Placing the suitcase on the bed I took the liberty of taking out her clothes, to neatly hang and fold them in her closet.

This would be considered rude but I'd seen all and not by choice, she would ask for help to organize her clothes and I couldn't say no. Those puppy eyes look she gave me could make anybody melt.


I looked at my phone, thinking it could be any news of my baby girl. I put down the shirt I was in the process of folding.

'Its Mr. Jong'. Taking in a deep breath I answered knowing exactly what will happen.

"My office now..and bring your friends" hanging up, no hello or goodbye...nothing. He must be pissed and worried sick of Y/N, but we have no clue or leads as to her whereabouts.

"Shit" I cursed under my breath. I wasn't planning on keeping the man waiting. I grabbed my keys and phone, quickly sending a text to the guys with the info to meet up at that particular address.

I pulled over, then two other cars behind me did the same. As we arrived to that abandoned warehouse, we were escorted to a room by two huge bodyguards,

Taking a good look at my surroundings as I was escorted in. This place I knew it, an abandoned place where Mr. Jong had held plenty of 'special meetings' in the past.

I was the first one there, followed by Hoseok, Jimin Taehyung and Jungkook. We were brought into that room where Mr. Jong gave a special speech to his enemies or just anyone who'd done him wrong.

"Why are we here..." Hoseok was the first to speak as he looked around the room.

Jimin shrugged, as he looked for service on his phone.

"I don't want to die...I havent slept with anyone..I can't die a virgin" Jungkook added falling to his knees, holding his heart as if he was to have a heart attack.

"Don't die on me...i'll get you a stripper once we get out of here" Taehyung fake cried clinging on to Jungkook like a koala.

"I would rather have Jimin" Jungkook answered.

Jimin's eyes widen.

Holding the urge to laugh I rolled my eyes from those two clowns.

"It's probably nothing major" I lied in order to keep them calm.

The room went silent as we heard heavy footsteps approach. You could hear our heartbeats beating a mile per minute. Waiting for him to swing that door open..but instead we heard it creak open, making it ten times worse.

A man in a black suit looking around early thirties but was actually near fourth walked in slowly. Hands behind his back as he showed no expression. Walking up to the middle of the room.

"Take a sit, all of you" he spoke in a deep monotone.

We did as he said, taking a seat on the table set for five. Our nerves were on edge, this was a dangerous man one whom no one wanted to mess around with.

"Close the doors" he commanded. Making us gulp nervously.

He looked directly at me then the rest of them.

"So...Namjoon" he clapped his hands together, bringing both his index finger over his lips.

"Where's my daughter...I can't wait to see her" he pointed at me

Hoseok, Jimin, Jungkook, and Tae all avoided to look at the man. They had no answer and neither did I.

"Sir..Mr. Jong" I cleared my throat. "Y/N ...I didn't find her yet,  we searched all over but there's nothing"

My answer didn't satisfy him the least bit. The vein of his temple pulsating as he grinded his teeth showed it.

Tsk tsk "You've disappointed me Namjoon" his fist clenched "..and you know what I do to those who disappoint me" with smirk across his face.

"Send them all--"

"GIVE US MORE TIME" I sprung up causing the chair to fall backwards, hitting the table with both of my fist " I ..I will find her and bring her home where she belongs"

He approach me..with each step making me feel smaller and smaller.

"ONE...ONE week you little bastard" placing his finger on my desk. "...and if you fail me once again, i'll make you and your buddies over here pay--"

"NO...I'm making this deal with you, keep them out of it" I raised my voice, they looked at me like I've signed my death sentence which I probably did ...a long time ago.

This was nothing new to me, I didn't want them involved therefore I took the offer.

"ONE week..I promise you"

Looks like daddy dearest don't play!😨 Scary man! What you gonna do Joonie?! Dun dun dun...!
I'm absolutely LOVING this story! I only found it last week and binge read every available chapter😍 You have me hooked and I can't wait to see what happens next!
@Jessicalista thank you so much !!! I appreciate the love ^=^