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At BTS' recent photoshoot with Vogue, a rouge paparzzi figured out the location of the private shoot and showed up trying to get footage.

They released the location and lots of LA fans showed up, thinking there was a fan meeting. The paparazzi then interviewed the fans about how sad they were that the event was cancelled (even though there wasnt any event???)

On top of that, when told he couldn't film, he yelled at the boys:
According to Vogue, the paparazzo screamed,“You’re going to lose all your American fans before you even get here.”  The members, confused by the incident, laughed as soon as the statement was translated for them.

J-Hope smiled and said,“Tell him, ‘Thank you for worrying about us!” Jungkook added,“Yeah, thank you so much!” 
Hehe better luck next time paparazzi~
It just shows you how nice and kind hearted BTS members are.
haha ass hole 😂😂 I love this
clearly he knows nothing about bts hahahah
That last gif tho!
Paparazzi rekt level: exterminated 😂😂😂 was this when they were still in the U.S? I’m in love with that second to last gif tho
Damn I love my babies. lmao
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