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*week 4*

So, I know we're in the fifth week and all, but I procrastinate my life away and get behind on everything that I want to do and make. So, week 4 and 5 five wil be posted today! Also, if you would like to be tagged in these cards, please tell me down below!

For this week, and I am also going to do a girl group along with a boy group, but for right now I am going to go with the boy group!

The boy group for this week is VAV, which is a group I have been getting really into as of late! They also just had a comeback like yesterday, so we've got some new music!

Debut Song:
Ok, I will be honest that I have never actually watched this music video (I thought Dance With Me/Venus was possibly their debut but it is not) but boy I can promise you I will be watching this sometime tonight after I get off of work!

Recent Comeback:
This was a super great comeback and I really liked it for the first listen!

My favorite song:
This was the first song that I ever heard by them but it is such a great song!!!!

Honorable mentions:
This is another recent song of their's and it is currently stuck in my head in my head as I type.

Now, I also chose this song because my little sister used to sing along with this song whenever it would come on and I'm missing my sister right now, so yeah...

I hope you all liked this card today and the next one should be appearing soon to catch up with the weeks!
I like VAV. We uave their albums.
Love this group😍