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Ah, HARMY *strikes again.

* HARMY are fans that call themselves ARMY but are in fact just bad fans that harm BTS' reputation. Basically this person right here.

A top radio station in Canada suggested doing a weekly Kpop Hour on their show since there has been an obvious growing interest in the genre (no longer just kpop fans like it, other people do too without knowing anything about kpop and thats great!)

But when HARMY heard about this, they freaked.

They bombarded the radio station with complaints. And eventually the station responded and said they would be taking ALL kpop out of their playlists. They wanted to promote smaller and bigger acts, but the backlash was too much and they apologized.

The people complaining were those who call themselves ARMY, who didn't want other groups getting airtime thanks to BTS.

I am so angry that there are people out there that think like this. I am confused, I am downright pissed off.

BTS worked hard, yes, but their hard work was helped by all those who came before them. Without TVXQ, Kpop groups wouldn't be big in Japan right now. The boys suffered so much to help other groups break into the scene. Then there is Big Bang, and countless other groups that kept chipping away, getting international attention, until BTS finally hit the AMAs and Billboard. And BTS will be the stepping stone for the next act, and the next act. They support others and understand that they are role models for the next big group, why can't ARMY accept that?

BTS openly supports and cherishes their FRIENDS aka other artists, so it must pain them so much to see their "fans" hurting their loved ones so much.

Get out of here HARMY. You're killing this fandom.

And this is why we can’t have nice things 😒
As long as we have BTS nothing else matters💜
Super junior is known as "the kings of the hallyu wave" because of their popularity in the west too. They were also the first kpop act to win choice international artist and the choice fandom award at the teen choice awards in either 2015 or 2016. But yeah, "back in the day" a lot of kpop fans became fans of kpop from TVXQ too from randomly coming across it on the Internet and anime.
So i dont know whether to be disgusted with Harmy for doing this or questioning peoples sanity. its a toss up. 🤔😣 I would think it would be a good thing that because of bts is having the chance to be played on the radio and people asking for more and other groups it would be a good thing. This is a BIG step for KPOP and BTS is recognized as the ones who started it in america. The hardwork they did and are still doing IS being paid off there is no denying. I dont see any other kpop group being played, interviewed or even in u.s magazines. BUT I really really hope I do in the future 💜💜💜
BTS has worked so hard and they don't deserve this from their fandom. These "harmy" think that they're helping them? Give me a break, I think they're on the level of sasaeng fans for idiocy.
I think all these new fans don't know how to be kpop fans. real fans support each other and know how important other groups are to each other. even those that only support one group know not to treat other groups bad because many groups are friends.
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I'm sorry that happen to you. I tend to only help groups. I would get mad to if someone bashed shinee so I feel you have a right to be mad however those that hurt others are not worth your time. I like bts music and when they were coming to the us I recorded all their tv appearance.
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