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dude...did he think no one would notice?
Probably. Which is kind of dumb cause he literally copied the whole front part of the album.
That's terrible! These people really need to stop. Did they all lose their creativity, or have they just decided that they can steal ideas/concepts from whoever they want?? I know VIXX isn't the only group that has been plagiarized, but they are the ones who are plagiarism victims the most often. 'I am. Disgusted'.
Ok have you guys listened to the song? I haven't yet. does it song the exact same? the art work and cover of the album was wrong to do. Cause if the song sounds completely different then I say the song title is ok with me. Cause there are tons of people who have the same song title
i haven't listened to the song yet
there are tons of "Coffee Shop" titles. there r a few "Amazing" but they r all different.
@JarviaKlipka I’m about to fight 😂 Leave my boys alone!