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Alrighty its been a while since last posted a fan fiction review... so here it is....finally after a few days I finished another one. (I kept stopping because i tried to read late at night and i wouldnt get thay far in the chapters)

The story I will be reviewing tonight is.....

A Fictionless Love

Fictionless Love (A BTS Fanfic)

There are 18 chapters total.

Summary: Hyun-Ae had been hurt in the past and shut everyone was safer for her....until the guys of BTS show up...what will these 7 guys do to change Hyun-Ae's life.

I didnt know what to expect with this story. But I will tell you even with the title i didnt expect it to be a love story. (I might have just had a blonde moment or shut my brain off for a bit)

As the story progressed there were parts that I was dying of laughter. The writer did an amazing job on it. Thankfully I didn't cry.
I think this is a story that there arent as many (The main guy she falls for.) for this guy. So when I come across them I enjoy reading them alot.

Oops did i just give it away who it was?

Have any of you read this story yet?

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I loved that one it was amazing
Ahh I am glad you liked it girl! Means a lot T-T. One of my earlier ones so it was still pretty rusty XD
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@SugaKookieV True Trueee