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So I know I've been lagging on fan fics lately and I'll do better soon Finally home and have a computer to work with. It's so much easier then writing on phone. So in light of I'll be doing a bunch of updates. okay I'm done I'm going to get to the chapter now
Chapter 6 Sunny pov.
I couldn't believe my luck! What were the chances that I would be here at the same time as him. I wasn't sure if I was glad for the distraction or not. Namjoon was rambling on about something that I zoned out on. I looked over at him finally and found those dark eyes staring at me. There was another pair right next to his. “Excuse me but did you get invited into this conversation?” I asked him. Eyes wide he looked shocked than he started to smile and laugh. “Sunny this is Yoongi” Namjoon said. “A friend?” I asked making both of them laugh. “You could say that. Are you book club girl?” yoongi asked making me smile. “clever. How did you guess” i said. He nodded and said “Harry potter book.” I looked down at my lap and chuckled “that would give it away” I said. I ended up chatting with the two of them for another couple minutes before 5 guys came inside and shuffled there way towards us. I got freaked out. I recognized them all together. Holy crap it was the entire group.   “What's the hold up?” one of them asked. “Im meeting Namjoons Girl. Friend.” yoongi said pronouncing each word separately. “Girl who is a friend” I corrected him. You have a new friend?!” some of them questioned. “Yes. Yes I do” Namjoon confirmed with a tight smile. It was like a flood, they surrounded me and started questioning me “How long? “how did you meet? “have you gone out in public together? “ have you told anyone?” “Are you just a friend or wanting to be more? “What do you want out of this arrangement?”
All these questions had me feeling bombarded and wanting to run. I don't do well when I’m the center of attention, it’s not in my nature to have so many eyes on me.
I abruptly stood up. “If your sticking around tell Bo to call me when he comes out” I said and started to leave. It was strange. They all stood there motionless and confused. I made it right to the door before Namjoon caught up with me.   “Wait wait hold on Sunny. What was that? Are you mad?” Namjoon was holding onto my arm. He turned me to face him and I saw the worried look on his face. It made me pause for a moment and recollect my thoughts. “I'm not mad” I said stopping to take several deep breaths. “Then what's wrong?” he asked. My heart was settling down and my nerves were not as jumpy anymore. “I just got overwhelmed back there” I said looking down. “Overwhelmed by them?” he questioned looking suprised. “Yes, so many questions and so close” I breathed out. “But not because you have seven sweaty hot men gathered around you?” Namjoon raised an eyebrow at me. I stared at him. Blinked several times Than I burst out laughing. “Oh gosh no!” I said in between chuckles “No I get more nervous when I'm the focus of subject, its not really about gender or amount of-” I paused than started again. “Okay it doesn’t help that its so many hot men” I nodded making Namjoon laugh in turn. “Its okay, I got it.” Namjoon grinned. “With all of our good looks you just can’t contain your beating heart” He teased. Before I could respond someone interrupted us. “Sunny!!” Bree called out. She came to a screeching halt right next to us. “You'll never guess what kind of job I got!” she was practically screaming. “you got the office job?” I asked. “Reception! I got a reception job. So I am the first person you'll see in here every other day!” she was practically jumping up and down. “Congrats “ I said happy for my friend. “Sooo what's happening here?” she asked realizing she intruded on something and was giving Namjoon the once over. Namjoon pulled his hand away from me which made me realize this entire time he had still been holding my hand. “We were just catching up. But Namjoon and his friends were about to head out for lunch” I said giving namjoon a look saying just go with it. “We were actually, I’ll see you later Sunny” Namjoon said. “ Well have fun. Come on Bree, let's go celebrate your new job.” I said moving over to grab her arm. “Sure we can go get bubble tea?” Bree asked excitedly. “sure, on me” I smiled at her. I  gave a slight wave. “Bye Namjoon” I said before Bree dragged me off. “Okay you have to tell me what that was all about back in the lobby” Bree said as we sat down with our drinks. “Nothing much I saw Namjoon and his friends then cracked and tried to leave” I told her and Bree’s eyes bulged “What!  Start from the beginning “ Bree leaned in closer. I started relaying what happened and how I reacted to it. When I was done she was laughing. “Omg its like he has 6 nosy brothers trying to hound the new girlfriend.” Bree was wiping tears away from laughing so hard. “Yup totally felt that way” I said. We talked over bubble tea until we late afternoon before parting amd heading our own ways.
Extra long chapter. I hope you liked it.

girl I'd probably have fainted with so many people standing so close unexpectedly so I feel yang sunny. yoongi that was classic. girl. friend. lol
yay i finally caught up. i know you stopped posting here for awhile but maybe you have more...huh huh huh lol
I'm sure a couple of them do tend to stand way too close