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Jackson is human too.. sometimes i dont understand what is the problem.. with some PEOPLE.. some people on his ig Telling him not ro cry..I know it was for "his own good" but So What!??! what if he wants to cry..

let him be.. I would be emotional too if i know all what my parents went through , so I become the person who Iam today..Iam not a celebrity but i am successful in my career thanks to my parents..
yes i get emotional when I think of all the Things my mom went throught..
So let him cry all he wants and not to hold it in because that could become something else and dangerours too.. I dont want to lose someone else..especially Jackson.. to all thosee airheads out there that cant appreciated a beautiful soul that is Jackson Wang.
Sometimes looking at his life from afar I feel like I want to fly to where he is and and confort him, take his physical pain away.. take care of his so many people don't know what he has to go throught everyday.. and people forget that he is sick?!?! people keeps forgetting that he is sick and still he does all he does because he is so strong and he is always thinking about everyone else BUT HIMSELF..
So if he wants to cry that is not a sign of Weakness that is a sign of being Human and a Human with a HUGE heart... so cry baby all you want and let it out
I whish I could hug him, likes that fan in the audience did.. she Hug him!! omg!!
I wish I can do that i want to hug him too and hold him like that for a while.. that woman was so lucky.. I wish i have that clip.. that part of the Interview.



I love how much love he has in his heart for the people around him, I really really look up to him.
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I don't really have much love between my family and I so watching him show so much love to everyone no matter who or what really inspires me and gives me hope. He's one of my biggest influences and greatest role models.
I love how caring he is when he talks about his family, especially his Mum.