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Kino will be joining his hyung on Thursdays!

This week I'll be talking about my favorite and least favorite eras.

Yeo One

Favorite: Runaway
Favorite: Runaway
Reasoning: I don't even know how to explain it. The shaggy hair? The leather jacket? Either way he took my breath away when I first watched the mv.
Least Favorite: Critical Beauty

Reasoning: It isn't so much I don't like him in this mv, it's that I hate his hair. I think he looks breathtaking either way, but I personally like his longer hair tbh.

Favorite: Like This and Runaway

Reasoning: This is the reason his nickname from me is Sin.
Least Favorite: None. He wrecks my bias list in every comeback, luckily Hui, Hongseok, and Yeo One are still safe and sound and Kino is still only a wrecker. I don't think I'll be able to handle him as a bias hahaha

What are your favorites and least favorites?
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I agree with you about Kino, but I think Yeo One is more favorable in Critical Bueaty