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Talk about unprofessional.

On January 27 in London, there was a concert with Se7en, Tahiti, and Monsta X. It was a DISASTER.

Tickets were ridiculously priced - minimum of $140 - and the promo for it was horrible. No one knew about it and if they found out, no one could afford tickets.
The venue holds about 13,000 people, which was a problem because only 700 tickets were sold and reports were that as low as 300 people showed up.

Because turn out was so low, the day of the concert they just started letting anyone in for free. But even then, look at how sad the crowd size is...

First off, the organizers didnt promote it AT ALL. Nearly no one knew about it.

And then, they gave out Monsta X's hotel info to fans to get them to promote the show and tweet about it??? idfk

THIS is what a Kpop concert in London looks like:

I hope that Monsta X, Se7en, and Tahiti are okay and don't feel too upset and I hope the fans that were hurt by this are okay too :(

bruh. that person needs to be fired
There should be punishment for this kind of thing, poor babies I can't imagine their reactions and perhaps disappointment...
This is just sad. None of the artist deserve this type of treatment
they probably feel terrible because people didn't show up and they spent money on the place and getting there.
How sad for all the groups.
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