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I Have Fallen In Love With A Japanese Idol

Meet Amaki Sally, an idol like no other.

She reminds me a lot of Amber from f(x) for her American style of speaking and of being very much not the typical idol personality ;)
She's a voice actress for a group called 22/7, but for a long time most of her fans didn't know she was Japanese-American. Her first langauge is English!

But she can't speak in English too much because "gangster Sally comes out and that ruins my Japanese idol image"

Watch some of her best English moments:

She's a voice actress for this group:

She also has a blog, and she writes really typical nice blog entries in Japanese:

(this is a rough translation from her xmas blog)

and here's the English version:

This is literally the title of one of her blogs:

I am so in love.

My Favorite Seiyuu is an Idol too :3 and she also knows how to speak English very well too Nao Toyama is my Bae
which one is her tho? in the animated video
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