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Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope everyone is having good week thus far! Seems like it is going by so fast but thats a good thing right? Means we'll get to the weekend faster lol. Anyway yall know what we are here for. As yall know it is Jaebum and Jin's spedual day here in #GOTBANGTAN and this week's theme is dancing! I love dancing so yall know I pulled out my best/favorite fancams of both my boys! Please Enjoy!

Thought I would start off with one of Jaebum's fancam for the song If You Do. Y'all already know that If You Do is my all time favorite song of GOT7's and watching Jaebum on stage dancing to it is what I live for because I truly believe that through the dance he captures the feelings that I have had while listening to it and Im all about making those connections.

For Jin I chose a fancam of him for the song DNA. Not everyone knows but Jin is a big part of the reason I love DNA so much and while I know it was a BTS comeback overall I feel like Jin just took over, like I remember watching the mv and all I could think of is how great he looked, sounded and just captured all my focus. The same goes for his live performances. He just leaves me shook every time.

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Jaebum And cute.. Jinyoung is gonna get jelous