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Hey Otakus!

It's Waifu Wednesday! And today's themes Is Magical Waifus! So Pick A Beautiful Waifu That Has The Magical Touch❤

My Waifu This Week Is The Beautiful Chise Hatori❤ I'm Finally All Caught Up With This Anime And Let Me Tell You. CHISE IS ONE BEAUTIFUL, MAGICAL AND SPECIAL GIRL❤

Anime : The Ancient Magu's Bride❤

Who Is Your Magical Waifu?!

Credit To The All Of The Artists❤

Otaku Tag List❤ (Ask to be Added!)

{W} : @whatamooy 

xD I love the show but i'm waiting for it to finish for me to binge watch it . My favorite magical girl other than fairy tail....hands down has to be Hardgore Alice from Magical Girl Rising Project
What anime is this?
The Ancient Magus' Bride
I love that show so much!