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These feelings are illegal, but im an addict, your love is a drug Your pretty eyes and smooth skin reduce my drag I paint my feelings on your skin like a flag Your adore is priceless, even more than the minerals I dug I throw away the abyss, like a cleaner an old rag And store the memories and bliss, like books in a bag  Your complaisance sparks my engine, you're my love plug Your beauty is eternal, like an overflow jug Your composture has me in uncontrollable jag I'm committed to you, like crime a mug Your livelihood is intriguing like a compelling mag Your compassion supports me like a lug Your romance holds me in a time lag For you I'll be patient, not a nag You are quintessential, the reason I brag Your adore decorates my life and warms me, like a rug I'm encamped in your tranquil like a bug Without your attention, my spirit starts to sag Without you, my heart starts to shrug Without you, I'm a whimpy lonely pug Your most fitting comparison is yourself, for your safety I'll slug I hold on to these feelings and in turn they hug My heart was released into your serene, with my love tagged You are on my mind, but also have my soul tugged You have my motion zigzagged You have my motive yanged You have my conscience wagged when run rugged You have my innocence drugged