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So I watched this drama on Netflix,  yup took to Netflix cuz I downloaded a bunch of episodes.
The series tells the story of a grim reaper named 444 who is also known as Black; a woman called Kang Ha Ram who can foresee death; and the son of an important businessman. Ha Ram has the ability to see shadows that means a person will die soon, after she meets Moo gong she wants to use her ability to save people. Her goal continues on through the series as she tries to help people. When 444 comes along they come to an understanding that benefits them both. Together as they stumble upon murders that link together and date back to a 20 year old murder case of a prostitute. 444 and Ha Ram are working as a team as 444 ties the dots together to discover the truth of what happened 20 years ago and prevent any more deaths.


Grim Reaper/Black is Song Seung Heon

Ha Ram is Go Ah Ra

Yoon soo Wan/ Kim Sun Young is Lee El

Oh Man Soo is Kim Dong Jun

Grim Reaper 416 (The young reaper) is Lee Gyu Bok

Reaper 007 (The monk looking reaper) is Jo Jae Yun

Leo is Kim Jae Young

Scarface/wang young choon is woo hyun
The man who plays Leo is so god looking Im gonna be digging up what else he has been in lol

So what did I think of the drama?

From the first episode my mind was blown away. Holy hell first I thought this was gonna be they are going to stop people from dying, then turned romantic, then it becomes freaking zombie apocalypse, okay not really that but supernatural stuff and my mind was blown!  As the story progresses it gets to be a spider web and takes you on an emotional roller coaster. For a show that is a mystery based plot they entangle so many ups and downs than turn it on its side and you can’t even begin to know what will happen next. The suspense in the show and the revelations are what keep you captivated each episode and needing to know more information.

There is a romance side to the drama but it's actually nice to see that's it's not the main focus. Ha Ram is a one-track minded kind of girl, her focus is on the detective and trying to save people and as the second lead male tries his hardest she's oblivious. Again I say the romance is a side story to the plot and helps motivate 444 into action. But don’t think your going to get those lovey dovey scenes in here, it’s not that kind of drama.

Black is a good show to get hooked into. It reminded me a bit of Goblin and Fighting Ghosts. The grim reaper is my favorite character. It's like learning to be human all over again tasting foods and drinks, Him drinking coffee was one of the best scenes and I'm not just saying that because of I'm a coffee drinker.
This is a show to go on the top 10 supernatural kdrama lists

Alright Before I end this Review I have to put this warning in:

If you are easily offended with harsh language and beatings think carefully on watching. If you can get past that there is violence and murder scenes. If you are not able to watch people dying than hold of until you are.

I don’t want to give anything away about the show but I also should warn you that there is prostitution and rape mentioned. ( I think it's only right to tell you this in case someone is sensitive to these issues)
Okay I also have to throw in this pic! At a halloween party he dressed up as Shrek lol
Fam tag! For everything!

I’m on the 7th episode of this drama but so far it’s super good! I stopped watching it back in December though so I’m hoping to pick it back up soon! ☺️
i want to see this one too.
is it on Drama fever?
So far its only on netflix. Its a new series that just came out. @rocklvr
I've been wanting to see this drama but couldn't find it. Thank you for sharing
@rocklvr kissasian has it too
ah yey another site to watch it. Thank you for mentioning it 💜 @JaxomB