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Stop sexualizing idols. These talented people are more than their bodies. I do not care if you comment on how sexy they are but making cards DEDICATED to their abs or something is disgusting. These people do not do what they do to be ogled at like a piece of meat. So many idols have body issues because of this shit.
When idols rip their shirts off during performances, they are doing it so we will look at their bodies though. 2PM has admitted it even. Look at how many of these idols have posed shirtless for magazines. Accidental peaks at their abs is different in my opinion. Those idols do not mean to show off their bodies.
Which is why I said I don’t care if we talk about how sexy they are. Dedicating things JUST to their body and nothing else isn’t right.
Damn right!!! 🙌🏼
P 👏 R 👏 E 👏 A 👏 C 👏 H 👏