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One woman got sick of seeing the skinny girls get told they're abnormal...

What do you guys think?

Honestly, a lot of my friends growing up were rail thin (I was the chubby one) and they hated that they had to wear kids clothes, or that the boys didnt like them since they didnt have curves, etc. The grass is always greener.
Neither is quite realistic. I don't think most girls are naturally this curvy. I understand that some girls are "thicc" but Belle got a Kim K booty and an hourglass figure. My rectangular body shape can't really compare.馃槀
These shapes, with the "trendy" hairstyles and the tattoos, reek of wish fulfillment by said insecure fat girls
While we're here anyone want to talk about how men in the new generation of Disney films are constantly being portrayed as either people without moral compasses that need to put in there place by women or as incompetent individuals requiring female supervision. Seems like Disney's pushing gender equity instead of equality.
@RamonPizarro And yes, I honestly believe that eating is an unnecessarily waste of time but I have to tolerate the practice for my own health.
@RamonPizarro Last year around about May, I weighed 113 lbs, insecure and oblivious to having an eating disorder and today, I'm 128.8 lbs, bit more confident and aware to the dangers of an eating disorder. The fact is everyone is different and that's OK. I'm not like you anymore than you're like me, we're different and I firmly believe that is to be embraced. Disney has always had the same perception of women & men - that not likely to change. Which is why I don't watch Disney, I watch Anime and honestly, I don't give a damn about wish fulfillment, if I want something to happen - I make it happen. So be careful those you judge - you may not know the whole story.
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