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Today started off good. Work was long and ok then I came home to find out My Junho Canvas album cane which i was so happy about. ( its in bed with me and came with a poster of Junho too! Lol) Had class at 4:10 got out early and when to sit with my friend while she was at work. I did my homework and finished it all. Then when she finally got off wenr ro the library. I watched the last two episodes of Junho drama which are so good you should watch Just Between Lovers!! ^^. Soon after i was done i starting getting really upset and saddened. I wasn’t even expecting Yugy to post but i was scrolling and saw that he posted ten seconds ago. I liked the phto he posted. Ive realize he is really comes around when i.need him and and he will always there.

Lol I was scrolling through the app and that picture scared that crap outta me 😂
Lol its different from him
I loved Junho's drama
Me too. I hate its over