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I watched it some time ago/loved it and I was bored but I wanted to watch an anime movie untill I saw this
so i was going to watch it but something came up so it'll have to wait till I get home I'm just really hoping it'll be as good as the anime but then again I shouldn't put my hopes up to high (-.-")
gaming, food, anime, and bearly some hours of sleep that's my life rn XD
well got to go stuff my face with food
see ya guys around and thanks for reading ^w^
I've seen both too, it's not perfect but they do do their best to keep it just like the anime with very few changes but still done well.
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@assasingod aye, lol 馃槀馃槀馃槀
I'm still watching the live action, I only do to see what its like to compare with anime, I like it (only bc I know the actor Yuki (the actor who plays as older Satoru). its not as good as the anime but again it still is good. .... The only time i prefered a live action over the anime was "Itzura na Kiss (Mischevious Kiss)" who is also played by Yuki who acts as Satoru in Erased
its tht bad I'm in ep. 6 bearly but its kinda like the anime
its not tht bad** ^
@IdolOtaku @AlexMartinez2 thanks for the opinions, I'm bearly done with ep 1 馃槄馃槄馃槄 and so far it's okay