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Not posted in a little while so i thought id catch you up on what ive been up to :)

So I got offerd an interview for art at the uni i want to go to! (yaay ^.^) but that means ive been tryna focus on the entry project and much less on my usual stuff. So thats why ive not posted ina little while.

But here are some sketches ive done recently that arn't to do with my project..I hope you like them :)

Im MEGA into my little monster right now and i really love Robicos art style! So i gave it a quick try :3
Faces... ( Id like to ignore the one in the middle but even bad practise is practise)

Hope everyone is doing well :) and If you wonna see any of my uni sketch book then let me know :)

Art tag crew!❤
I love ur technique of ur own sketch. And ur fine real life will get u busy, so I congrats you with ur interview and got the offer 😊 Good luck !!!
@MimmiBumble01 thank youu for all the things :3
Keep up the good work on those proportions, they look great!
@kbecker thank you! im getting there with them...feet are still my enemys xD
That's understandable! You concrete on your entry. Good luck getting into that school.
@MelissaGarza thank you! im definatly gonna need it xD