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This week we're talking about why we're representing our member and why they stood out to us.

I chose to represent Yuta because believe it or not, he actually stood out to me a lot during Firetruck. I'm not completely sure what it was. But for a while there he was one of my biases. Even though a lot of people hated his hair hahaha. Plus his smile is so damn beautiful.
@Halsyeon is fully to blame for this one hahaha. I watched all the teasers for NCT when they first came out and watched 7th Sense, Without You, and Firetruck when they came out, admitting that they were really talented and that their songs were really good. However, I didn't stan them because I'm always reluctant to get into new groups because I hate forgetting member's names and the more names I know, the higher that chance is. Sometime after Limitless came out, Erica sent me a video of NCT before debut.

After I saw that video, I was amazed at how different Ten's personality is to how I saw him in 7th Sense because for some reason I was scared of him. I was convinced to stan NCT then, but still held off until his Station song came out. So in a way, Ten is the entire reason I'm even on this team.

WinWin and Jeno
So the reason for repping these two is the same for both, I want to get to know them more. I don't see many people talking about them. I get to look up information on them and learn more.

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