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*Week 7*

Now, I know that this group that I have chosen to make a card for today has been getting a bit bigger now a days, but I still see them as an incredibly underrated groups and I love them so much! I am also representing them on a team! The group is B.A.P!

Debut: (I like the blonde one)
Recent Comeback:
My favorite mv and song: (Listen this hurt me to pick between this and rain sound)
Honorable Mentions: (literally any of their songs though)
So the next video is power, and the reason I chose this is because when I first got into bap, I was staying with a friend and I ended up having a slice of pizza and singing (I got the pizza instead of I got the power...)
Honestly I just really love and enjoy b.a.p! They do make me think of people from my past that aren't in my life anymore, but I'm not going to let them stop me from enjoying things anymore. I'll see you all next week!
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They give amazing concerts.