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Me it depends lol but i perfer Headphones tho lol
I prefer headphones but I just go with earphones. It's funny to see someone talk to you but they don't know that you can't hear them because of the earphones. 😁😂
why not both?
lol that's what I do when gaming. earphones for communication and headphones overtop for the immersion
@DevilsSon well damn
@HiwaRasul they where beats too
for me it depends on the moment. I'll do earphones if I care about being quiet to my surroundings, but I'll do headphones when I just want to chill to my music without a care in the world. so I bring both. earphones are high quality skullcandy with button mic, and yhe headphones are really good noise canceling headphones with great bass for its price. it's also Bluetooth and comes with its own auxiliary cord so I don't NEED to use the battery to use the headphones. the aux cord also carries more volume when in use compared to Bluetooth mode. but Bluetooth mode isn't an laughing matter either..
S-sorry. I rambled.. I do that sometimes when it comes to music, tech, games, and anime...
headphones. They are better noise mufflers
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