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Que tal peeps!

Thank you to those who read and liked part 1!

We all had dinner. After dinner I walked into my room to check my emails. There were a ton. I rub my forehead and begin to write down dates and transfer meeting dates to my calendar. I began thinking what I'm gonna wear for our upcoming meeting.

I had to report how our stocks are doing and who has not paid their debt to the company. I put on some music to numb my desire for Namjoon and stress about tomorrow. I look into my closet to pull out something that I thought would be fashionable but scream boss lady.

I take my shower. I try to get myself off but it was not the shame. I pout as I look into the steamed mirror and let out a silent scream.

Why can't things be the way I want them?

I walk to my room and place my eye mask on the block out the light after lighting my stress free candle. I fall asleep after tossing in bed.

It was about 2am when I feel a warm tongue lapping and gliding over my nub. I pull off my mask and look down to see Namjoon going to town.

"Namjoon...what the heck?" I moan.

He sticks two finger deep into me causing me to moan louder. "Answer me...but don't stop."

Namjoon grinned. "You were calling me baby. My mate calls and I answer. Hush though..."

He moved on top of me as I wrapped my legs around him. He pushed himself inside me while making a grut. He leans in a deeply kisses me while pumping deep into me.

I run my hands down his back while moaning. The bed softly moaned as he went deeper and faster. My eyes rolled as I felt myself exploding so quickly. My walls contracting caused Namjoon to come after me leaving his milky substance of life inside me.

Namjoon rolled over breathing hard. "Damn that was quicker than usual. I wanted you that bad."

"Yes I've been wanting you all day baby." I said while planting a kiss on his lips.

Suddenly we heard footsteps and Namjoon leaped butt ass naked into my closet. Jimin peaked into my room.

"You okay? I heard some strange noise." Jimin said.

"Yep I just couldn't sleep Jimin. I'm fine." I said while pushing out a smile.

"Well okay. Good night." Jimin said while closing the door.

Namjoon walked out and I laughed. He face was so red.

"Hush or I won't answer you anymore." He playfully said.

"Oh you better answer me or I'm taking you right there and then!" I said.

Namjoon smiled and kissed me. "Challenege accepted. Love you baby."

I kissed him. "Love you too papi."

He grabbed his robe and tip toed out.

After Jimin did he presentation I was up. I was happy to announce a 20% increase in our income. Our stocks were doing well and we were spreading like a virus with our businesses. 95% of the members worldwide and realm wide were up to date on paying fees and memebers dues.

As I reported pointing at my powerpoint presentation I could feel Namjoon eye fucking me. I was proud of myself for being able to speak so smoothly even though he was invading my mind with hia dirty thoughts.

I could just fuck you now...I bet you would love it. Why did you pick that outfit? It fits you so perfectly....Bend over just once.

I dropped my pen and reached down to get it. I heard Namjoon groan in his mind. I laughed inside the whole time.

Chef Wang the CEO and Leader of the whole clan nodded with approval.

"What about the other slackers that owe use money?"

"Boss we got that covered. Y/n, Yoongi, and I were going to collect and or kill." Namjoon answered.

Chef sipped on his water slowly. "No y/n will stay here. I have a new project for her. She is the only one who can run it. Um, take Jungkook instead. He needs more training in that area anyways."

Namjoon tried to not show how irritated he was by the change of plans. "Yes Sir."

The meeting was over. V and Jungkook helped me carry somethings to my office. These two always was there following me around like children.
"Noona what does collect and or kill means?" Jungkook asked.

"It means what it says. You either collect dues from thise who owe or you kill them if they won't pay up." I said while putting away my material.

"You all kill them? I'm not ready for this bullshit. Can you talk to Chef. Maybe you could suggest I help you in this new project." Jungkook pleaded.

"No Kookie it was an order and you won't have to get your hands dirty. Yoongi enjoys doing the killing." I said

"Noona....Chef will listen if you ask. You are like a daughter to him."

"She said no up bro!" V said while taking candy out my candy jar.

I smiled and walked over to my file cabinet to place in files and pull out some. I felt bad telling Kookie no since I rarley do.

Suddenly I felt a heat rush me and pin my arms to my back. "You thought teasing me in the meeting was funny?"

Namjoon had snook in and made Jungkook and V leave as my back was turned to them when I was putting away files that quick.

"Oppa please someone might see us."

"No way I kicked those two out and placed a barrier around your office."

Suddenly I felt Namjoon pull up my skirt and smash into me from behind. I groaned as I pushed up against him. He felt so good entering me without verbal permission. But I guess low key I wanted it too.

"Fuck you are so tight baby. Gosh.." Namjoon moaned.

He pounded me so raw and so savage. It was like he was smothering and I was his oxygen. I was so high I didn't want to come down.

Namjoon bend me over near my desk and lifted me up to meet him. I could hear our skin slapping wildly and it drove me nuts.

"Yass oppa fuck me hard! I love you so much!"

"Ah I love you too baby." Namjoon moaned.

Suddenly a fire burned inside me as my vision went blurry. I began coming as Namjoon exploded inside me with a loud grunt.

Later that month the boys were doing a small concert. We all did music on the low as a cover up. We needed to collect some energy from the mortals to fill our energy gems. I was over getting photos to place on our websites and over the guys wardrobe and makeup.

I pulled Jimin over to the side.

"Do you sense something strange?" I asked.

"No but it is so much energy here." Jimin said.

"I wish we could just leave after performing, but we have some fans that have back stage passes." Jimin said

"Wow nice updating me. No one told me this at all!"

"Y/n don't be upset I just found out 10 minutes ago." Jimin smiled and went to get dressed.

I began helping Namjoon get dressed. He flashed me a smile. I pushed out one. I knew something was not right. That bitch who cursed us had to be here. Her scent was too pungent not to miss.

"Baby you sensing what I'm feeling right?" Namjoon whispered.

"Yes. That bitch...." I hissed.

"Calm down we will play it cool and I will fuck you senseless tonight." Namjoon smirked.

Everyone was busy working and getting ready. Namjoon stole a kiss from my lips. "Baby I love you."

"I love you too." I gasped.

I wanted so much more but I knew I had to play it cool. Namjoon smiled and joined the others. I went into work mode and checked everything. I walked the boys on stage and Namjoon gave me a playful look.

I love you forever girl...
I heard him say to me in his mind.
I love you forever oppa....
I said back.
After the performance the guys rushed back to cool off before the fans came back. The guys were tired but wanted to be respectful to their fans. I loaded up the energy gems that were full of energy. My assistant planted some new ones in the room next door where the fans would be.

After a bit the room was flooded with 20 young girls. They were super hyper. Aome recognized me since I was a performer and model.

"Phire omg is that you?! Can you please sign my ticket?" 10 young girls asked.

I smiled and signed. I had small talk and went over the rules before the guys entered.

"Phire are you in love with any of the BTS memebers?" A young girl asked.

"Of course we are all like family!" I said in a cheerful tone.

"That is super sweet." Somengirls saidnin unison.

"Yeah if your family practiced incest." A girl mocked.

"Don't make ARMY look bad." Another fan said.

The boys walked in and I ignored the comment. They all sat down. The girls lined up to meet them all. I smelled that scent again it was from the girl who made such a rude comment. My assistant was checking the gems and reported back.

"Y/n there is some strange negative energy coming from one of these girls."

"Is it creating a purple color?" I asked.

"Yes it sure is."

I kicked the door shut. "Where the fuck are you Trish? Show yourself?!

The girls began screaming and Jungkook used his powers to calm them. Jin used his powers to place them to sleep. That rude girl began laughing and turned into her true form.

"Well well I knew you two wouldn't stay apart for long. You both are drenched in each other's scents. Y/n you where Namjoon's mark? No need to ask I see it through your clothes." Trish laughed.

"You bitch. I knew you were here hiding among the weak as you do!" I yelled.

"You marked her Namjoon?!" Yoongi blurted.

Namjoon blushed. "A story for next time bro."

"As promised the curse is in effect Kim Namjoon. You will never love her again but will come to me. Sadly, because ur dumb ass marked her you can only have offspring through her....but a small sacrifice....we can still fuck. You will be my sex slave." Trish laughed while flipping her poorly dyed silver hair.

I was seeing red and heard only bullshit. I pushed her down and began clawing her face but she only laughed.

"Ah poor tiger warrior princess can only pounce when pissed. But I have the last laugh."

Jin pulled me off her. "No let me kill her!"

"I will never subcome to you Trish. I love y/n! You and your witch craft will soon be the end of you!" Namjoon yelled.

Two weeks passed since that creepy incident. I was cuddled up with Namjoon. When suddenly he pushed away from me. That was odd sinve he loved being close. I pulled him close to me and he pushed away.

"Give me my space!" Namjoon yelled.

My eyes got big. Did he just say that to me like I was a stranger.

"Namjoon you love it when we cuddle. What is your problem?" I asked.

"Nothing....just want my space." Namjoon said while never looking at me.

"Namjoon look at me. You refused sex for the last 2 weeks now you want your sex. Something is wrong with you."

"Actually your scent is disgusting and your smile makes me want to kill myself. Just...just leave me the fuck alone." Namjoon voice was cold and his eyes were dark.

Tears began falling from my shocked face. Did my mate my love say that shit to me?

"Fuck you too Namjoon!" I blurted and ran out crying.

Jin stopped me in the hallway. He hugged me and walked me to the kitchen to make me some hot chocolate. Jin handed me aome tissue.

"Look I'm not the one to spy but I heard everything. It is not Namjoon and he will get worst." Jin said

"I know that's not my baby. That's some asshole in there!"

"No look...the curse girl." Jin said.

"Imma kill that bitch...ooh just wait." I snarled.

My tiger tail and claws appeared. All I could see was red and I wanted blood shed from that bitch. She ia ruining my life...our life.

"Whoa save all that for the true battle. Since that odd visit from her. I been doing some research. The curse can be broken. However, only by killing the caster of the curse. This wicked curse was made by blood. It had to be casted by using her blood and it will end with her blood." Jin said.

"That's no problem. I wasn't called the throat slitter for nothing back in the day." I said.

"Wait that girl is a witch so you will need a witch or some one who knows about magic. You will need to kill her. The book I read said that the account can only be cleaned with triple the amout of blood to cast the spell." Jin said

"I can ask Jasmine....Jimin's mate. She knows about all that shit plus she is a fellow tiger." I said.

I hugged Jin and I ran to my room so happy. I pulled out my phone to call Jasmine. I knew she would have my back.  I was happy that this shit would end. Maybe she would help me kill this roach.

I came over to Jasmine's place. Jimin so happened to be there. He was in the living room while Jasmine and I were in her room looking at clothes in her closet. Her and Jimin was stepping out and she wanted to look super sexy.

I informed her about what was going on. She was upset.

"Jimin informed me about something pertaining to this but I thought he made it up. I'm so sorry chica." She said.

"Yeah I hear you and thank you. But will you be willing to help me out? I know you have a background in magic and you can kick ass." I said

Jasmine flashed a smile while stepping out this blush fitted dress. She paused as if she was thinking then attempted to speak until Jimin butted in.

"My mate will not get invovled in this matter y/n. You are like a sister to me but we are trying to get pregnant." Jimin said.

"Honey we are all a family here and she needs our help and so does Namjoon. We have forever to make a baby. I'm helping her papi."

"Sometimes you take this immortal thing too far baby. We can talk about it later." Jimin said.

"Papi...don't be so rude." Jasmine said.

Jimin and Jasmine began going back and forth. I was so overwhelmed. I was about to sneak put when I heard Jasmine's voice in my head.

Don't worry chica I got your back. We can meet up later. Jimin will be on page with us in no time. Let me work my magic.

I laughed while exhaling. I felt some relief. Suddenly a red book floated over to me. I could hear Jasmine voice again.

Get familiar with this book. On page 16 it will infom you about the type of curse that was cast. Page 26 will infom you on what to do and not to do. I will call you tomorrow.

I left her place and rushed home to do aome homework.