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"Bring her back... Bring me back my sweet princess" Mr. Jong repeated, leaving the room with his two bodyguards.

There was nothing more to say, they were left there standing as he walked out, only to wonder what could've been been of them if Namjoon didn't take the offer..

The room was silent, no one dared to speak. Leaving them in utter shock as they were first hand witnesses to the deal I've made.

"...a deal with the devil himself." Hoseok spoke glaring at me "are you out of your fucking mind" he hissed combing back his hair in frustration.

"I..Idk, I just might be" I answered grinning as my thoughts drifted elsewhere.

It wasn't normal of me to take up offers spontaneously without thurley thinking it through. I wasn't proud of it either but I don't regret it, nor do I plan on backing down, after all I'm a man of my word.

It's been a habit of mine to finish what i've started, no matter how dangerous. This is nothing new. I knew exactly what I was up against on the day I signed my contract or my 'death sentence'.

After I recovered from my accident, Mr. Jong had me doing most of his dirty work. Once I gained his trust he gave me his precious jem to look after. I wasn't thrilled to have to look after a rich brat, but I was in it for the money.

He later took me in as his right hand man. This ment doing more dangerous jobs, some almost got me killed. If it wasn't for that special bond Y/N and I both shared, I would've broken the contract long ago.

Since it was the one thing allowing me to be by her side at all times. She took up a special place in my heart. Now having to lose all forms of contact with her I won't allow it...not now. Not ever.

The heavy atmosphere lifted as Mr. Jong was no longer in the room. We were finally able to stabilize our thoughts. Wanting nothing more than to get out of there..and I wasn't the only one feeling this way.

"Go back to headquarters" I commanded, although they were still processing how stubborn I've become in order to keep Y/N safe.

Hoseok stood in place as he was still in disbelief 'guess he didn't expects that answer out of me'.

"He's joking right?" Jimin approached me, shaking me by my shoulders. "Tell me you're joking..." Still unable to comprehend the grave I've dug for myself.

His words replaying, making it difficult for me to focus. --'Bring her back... Bring me back my sweet princess'.

"He's not...and neither am I. My priority is both Y/N and all of you" I said looking at each and everyone one of them.

"Don't worry,  we'll help you find her" Taehyung added,  patting me on the back, smiling like there was nothing wrong. His optimism made me regain hope in finding her right away. But I stood my ground.

"Don't...you'll regret it...all of you" removing Tae's hand as I walked out of the empty room. "Are we clear.." Adding with a stern cold tone.

Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook, they're all young and have a lot to look forward to in life. I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if they were harmed in the process of helping me.

This in itself pretty much wreaked what Jin made me promise.

'how long were we in there?' Not a clue, Sighing as I looked around an empty lot. I leaned against the hood of my car, Placing my hands inside the front pockets of my jeans.

The slight breeze hugging my body as I looked up at the moon. Nights like these brought along memories. Plenty of stars illuminating the sky as if they tried to tell me something. Giving off this strong gut feeling that I couldn't push off as nothing.

I took out my phone to make a quick call.

*ring ....ring*


He answered sounding tired and annoyed.

"Jin, any news from Y/N?"

Only wanting to know out of curiosity as I got into my car, he was my only hope at this moment.

"Ahh...little Miss pretty face"

He replied, his answer brought anything but joy to me. A hint of jealousy lurked, 'who gave him the right to call her that'. Hiding my own temper from showing through the phone.

"Yes Jin...Y/N", I answered unamused.

"No...uhh Nothing so far. Sorry" he said almost in a whisper. "I'll keep an eye out for her...don't worry too much" adding to immediately hang up on me.

Great...just what I needed, right when my head is on the line here. 'He's hiding something, he has to be'.

The night was dead. It was nothing but a long ride home from here.


Jin's POV

"Mmm...door Jin", Y/N groaned as she was notably half asleep tapping my shoulder.

"Go back to sleep..." I yawned, getting up from the bed avoiding to make noise, quietly I removing the small blanket I covered myself with.

I took a double look at the clock to make sure I wasn't mistaken. It was close to six in the morning.
'Who the hell is up this early in the morning?'. I turned on the kitchen lights.

There was another knock. "Coming" I answered rubbing my eyes as they were adjusting to the light.

"Surprise..." He said, showing a devilish grin, as he innocently shrugged his shoulders.

"...why are you here, are you aware of the time?" I fussed at Namjoon, scolding him for the unexpected visit.

Although that was the least of my problems right now.

"Can I come in?" He asked with a semi confused look.

It felt like someone threw a huge bucket of ice cold water over my body. Shivers Shaking me out of my drowsy state. Remembering who was sleeping on my bed at this very moment.

Y/N ...She's asleep in my room, I can't let him see her. I can't let him in...but if I don't Namjoon will know something strange is going on.

They were all welcome to come at anytime they pleased. Many of them visiting me at odd hours of the night, and I allowed it to happen even going as far as letting them sleep over if they really needed.

But today was not a good day. 'shit', cursing under my breath, while I kept a straight face. --"Sure".

I moved aside to let him in.

"About yesterday..." He slowly walked into my apartment. "Will you help me find Y/N...before this becomes a huge scandal".

"Namjoon, you're asking the wrong person" I huffed, standing with my arms crossed. "...I Can't help you"

My nerves were on edge 'don't make a noise Y/N', pleading to myself as he gave me a knowing look of suspicion.

"And why not...huh?" He raised his voice, and from the corner of my eye I noticed she was peeking by the door.

I couldn't let him hear Y/N, i'll be in a heep of trouble with her precious parents. Not that I really cared but a promise is golden and I plan on keeping mine.

Immediately dragging Namjoon out of there with a tight grip on his wrist. Wondering how much of the conversation did Y/N actually herd.

"Don't treat me like a child!" He forced his hand away, raising his voice louder this time.

"I wouldn't have to if you weren't fixated on finding. Y/N ..." I answered, the way her name flowed so well made me feel closer to her. "...For all you know, she might not want to return home"

He stood there breathing heavily as he balled up his first. I waiting, if he wanted to throw punches I was more than ready.

"....how would you know what she wants" he added raising his head to look at me eye to eye.

I wasn't the type of guy to lie, I hated them. My entire childhood was filled with them by my mother each and every lie up until I was left in a strange home for kids.


"Behave, listen to your elders okay" mother said bending over to give me a kiss on the forehead.

"....i'll be back for you later" she added waving as she walked away farther and farther, until she became a dot in the distance.

I sat on the steps, my legs shivering from the cold wind. I waited there for hours until two grown ups opened the door.

"My oh my...another one..poor child" Baffled by the way I was left there. I was brought inside where it was warm. I had no clue what was happening as they asked me weird questions I couldn't understand, I had no idea what was happening.

Days followed and I waited just like mother said. I waited for her. Weeks passed and I waited. Seasons passed and I waited for her arrival. One that never happened.

-End of Flashback-

There were times I had to lie in order to protect those I cared for just like mother did to protect me from herself. This was no exception.